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   Chapter 42 Late Bloomer Type

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His father without doubt helped him a lot because in the process Raven was the one who offered her help to Jordan.

He was reading all the conditions that Raven stated. She even handed to him a printed copy. He had mixed emotions right now, happy but not so happy at the same time.

In short, Raven had agreed to marry him but they should keep it a secret for the time being. No, he definitely won't do the registration of marriage thing only. His father wanted to see them both walked down the aisle so he crossed it out. He will do a revision on this sentence.

'No consummation of marriage until her graduation? Is she kidding me?' Jordan thought. Abstinence until she reaches on her twenty? Jordan wanted to laughed and frowned at the same time while reading it. Father wanted to see his grandchildren sooner. He definitely will also revise this condition of hers.

Two things were very clear to him after he had finished reading her conditions. Raven had pointed out that she wanted to graduate first and be someone with a successful career.

'I can help her with that, becoming successful in an instant.' He thought to himself. Although he was certain Raven knew an easy way with the Choi's back-up but probably she wanted to do it with her own capabilities. So he dismissed the thought.

Raven was also afraid to lose him as a family. So, among the conditions was whatever happens with their relationship in the future especially if it doesn't work-out. No one should be bitter to each other and

things on your own especially if that plan was nothing good at all or may bring a misunderstanding instead."

Jordan understands what his father meant. He smiled lovingly to his father and said, "Thanks Dad. I will, next time."Truly, his father knows best. He wanted to cry and hug him that time but chose not to hearing Raven's footsteps towards them.

Raven looked at him and said, "Let's go?" then she walked and kiss father on his cheek.

He drove the car in a coffee shop and ordered for a desserts and hot coffees.

"What's that?" Raven asked seeing the envelope on the table.

Jordan sighed and answered, "I did some revision on your conditions and have Atty. Gray to finalize it. Eat up first then you can review and sign it afterwards.

Raven raised an eyebrow.

'Revision? Review and sign? Am I the one needing help in here? Hello?' She wanted to voice out her thought but choose not to for the meantime. She will read the revision he made first before she fires out her comments.

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