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   Chapter 41 I Will Help You Out With Marriage

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5559

Updated: 2018-12-19 10:02

Raven creased her eyebrows when she saw Jordan was sitting at their table.

"Where's father? Where's your date?" she asked while she look around.

"Dad was picked up already by Driver Jun. Something came up so I will drive for you instead. Let's go now." Jordan said while he rose up and walked closer to Raven. He had instructed Lou to buy a coat with buttons up to the neck as soon as he saw Raven entered the restaurant. It was handed to him by Lou as soon as Miss Rui was escorted inside the car.

Raven felt a coat was placed on her shoulder and she saw Jordan walked to her front. He pulled the coat closer to him thus, pulling her also closer.

"Urgh, what are you doing. I already had a sweater." Raven murmured in protest. Jordan ignored her and closed the upper four buttons of the coat covering her effort to look sexier compared to Miss Rui.

Jordan leaned closer and whispered to her ear, "You had shown enough. You are sexier than her so no need to overdo it." Then he pinched her now blushing cheek and winked at Raven before he smiled.

'So handsome, ' Raven thought while she stared unconsciously at Jordan who was flashing his killer smile.

'Oh snap!' Raven woke herself up and shifted her gaze to look at the buttoned coat then she murmured, "what is this? I look weird."

She heard Jordan laughed. Raven intentionally wore a sweater without buttons because she wanted to emphasize her full bosoms. She maybe at 0 ranking when it comes to success but her body definitely rank no. 1 compared to that of Miss Rui who she noticed had a flat chest on the pictures and videos.

She felt Jordan's arms on her waist as he led her outside

hand. I am not good at this." Raven said as she held Jordan's hands that supported her to move. She was not good at balance. Sheena and Yan will always tease her before because she often fell down on her butt.

They were facing each other. Jordan was moving backwards and pulling her with him. Raven was smiling the entire time. She was enjoying Jordan who pulled and led her the movements' every now and then.

Unexpectedly, Jordan suddenly pulled her closer to him without moving backwards causing Raven to hug him. Raven was about to pull herself from the hug but Jordan quickly embraced her.

"This feels nice on this cold weather don't you think?" Jordan whispered to her ear. She can feel his hot breath with it.

Raven sighed deeply and said, "Jordan, if you did not find someone you can like during your blind dates, if you want, I will help you."

Jordan froze and did not respond while Raven slightly pulled out herself so she can look at Jordan's face.

Raven although somewhat hesitant still added, "I will help you out with marriage. However, I do have conditions you have to meet."

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