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   Chapter 40 Boss Only Liked One Woman

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5009

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Jordan was eating caviar, when he suddenly paused. He saw Raven walked inside the restaurant with his father. He was expecting it. However, he doesn't anticipate Raven would wear a revealing dress in this kind of weather.

He frowned seeing that almost all men inside were stealing glances on his Raven.

'Isn't she even cold?' he thought irritably at the back of his mind. Then he locked a piercing gaze to his father who sat at the opposite chair of Raven facing him. His father just shrugged shoulders in reply.

"Are you alright? Is there something wrong? Rui asked him when she noticed his face became gloomy.

"Does it taste bad?" she added referring to the caviar he was eating. Jordan smiled and answered, "No, the food is fine. I just suddenly thought of the company project that's having a glitch."

"I think I saw someone I knew." Jordan suddenly added.

"Oh you should at least say hi to them. That's okay with me. Go on, " Rui said always smiling at him.

Jordan shook his head and replied, "No need."

However, Jordan was still feeling uneasy. He doesn't like Raven's low cut spaghetti dress. He stole glances at her back once in a while.

He saw a man approached his father's table and if he wasn't mistaken it was President Zhao of the biggest entertainment company at their country.

Raven stood up for a hand shake while the old man left his calling card, both to Raven and his father. 'What was that?' he thought seeing his father laughed while Raven smiled shyly

ren or what? If you do, then you have to leave now." Jordan said impatiently.

Senior Choi hearing the word married and children immediately rose up and headed to driver Jun.

'Wait, did I hear it right? Children?' He thought to himself recalling Jordan's words that he heard.

It wasn't included in the condition to void the disinheritance although he was tempted before to add on the condition for a child. Still, he did not do it. Seeing the two married was quite enough for him and he won't be greedy to demand a child since he knew Raven was not yet ready for something like that.

His heart was pumping hard because of the excitement. Just hearing those words he felt like he was at cloud nine already.

Senior Choi was whistling a song while he was going inside the car. He was hoping his son can move faster. He was cheering for Jordan internally. How he wishes Jordan could make two in a row since their genes can produce twins. Jordan's grandmother had a fraternal twin brother.

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