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   Chapter 39 Reverse Psychology

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Updated: 2018-12-18 11:26

"Sir, you have a lunch date today with Miss Rui of Tenshin Airlines." Lou reminded Jordan who was busy reviewing documents on his table. It was one of the biggest airlines in their country.

Lou had picked the possible candidates for his blind dates based on the company's good records and of course based on the looks and credibility of their heiress.

"Alright, have you informed my father that I will not have lunch with him and Raven." Jordan asked while signing the documents.

"Yes Sir, I emphasized that you will be on a blind date with Tenshin's heiress." Lou answered. He well knew what goes beyond his Boss' mind right now. He wanted to make sure that Raven was well aware of it including the place and time.

"Well good then, " Jordan replied plainly then he looked at his wrist watch.

"Let's leave after five minutes. It's not good to keep a girl waiting." He added before dismissing Lou.

At the mansion, Raven was getting bored doing nothing. Sheena was quite busy spending more time with her family while Chad was currently out of the country also for family trip.

She doesn't want to ask Yan to go out because the first trimester was said to be the critical stage on pregnancy. Besides, Yan was complaining because she was feeling dizzy and throwing up almost every day.

She had heard that Jordan will start with his blind date today and she searched on her phone the profile of Rui, heiress of Tenshin Airlines.

'She's pretty.' She thought to herself seeing the heiress' picture. She had a good background and was now at the top 10 most successful woman in the

ch he thought. She was wearing a short spaghetti strap rippled edge open back dress in nude pink but he did not react since his big Raven looked so beautiful.

However, her front cleavage was very eye catching not to mention her bare flawless legs which were still visible even though she topped it with a long sleeve cardigan sweater with the same length as her dress with a swingy, peplum-shaped hem.

'She was sure ready for battle.' Senior Choi thought suppressing himself to voice out his comment out loud because Raven will absolutely get embarrassed.

He grinned seeing how confident her big Raven walked inside the restaurant. From the entrance, she was already a head turner.

'I am sure that brat was expecting us since Lou even mentioned the time and place of his lunch, emphasizing it's a blind date.' Senior Choi thought to himself still grinning. He was anticipating a great show later on. How come his son has full of tricks on his sleeve?

Though, he had noticed it too. It seems like a reverse psychology tactic was effective on Raven.

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