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   Chapter 38 Ticking Bomb

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Updated: 2018-12-18 01:03

[Wow, is this some kind of what you call the moment of silence?]

Sheena sent a message to Lou sensing the tension between Jordan and Raven inside the car.

Lou was sitting in the passenger seat at front while she was seated at the back right side beside Raven who insisted that Jordan's driver dropped her off after they reached Jordan and Raven's destination first which was along the way from Sheena's house.

Lou replied her message…

[Don't mind them. After we dropped them off let's talk instead at the nearest coffee shop at your place.]

Sheena suddenly paled.

"Oh, stop the car at the next subway. I almost forgot that I have to meet my father there." Sheena said out of nowhere.

Yes she was daring at Lou, always sending him bold messages but in person she can't just do it. She was feeling timid whenever she sees Lou.

Sheena liked Jordan's assistant a lot. He was handsome and with a stable job so she already set her eyes on him. But what she loved the most about Lou was he was a good fighter. She fell in love seeing how he protected her from the bullies. Knocking all the men down who pestered their house because of debts and almost killing those bastards who even dared to touch her. From that moment, she had bowed and promised to herself that she will get Lou by all means.

Then she scratched her head and laughed at herself because how can she get him if she was acting timid like this whenever she sees him. She was only good and brazen at sending chat messages at

type it then print it out in hard copy so everything will be clearer.

Raven almost jumped off from her seat when she felt a warm hand touching her face.

"Are you feeling alright? Why do you look pale suddenly?" Jordan asked staring at her while he touched her forehead then caressed her cheek. Raven bit her lip and her face flushed.

"I guess, I saw wrong. Your color was back and your cheeks were blushing now." Jordan said in a teasing tone.

Raven turned her face abruptly to the car window and said, "I am fine. I'm just hungry."

Jordan was grinning to himself. It's been a while since he saw Raven biting her lower lip. How he missed that. One of Raven's mannerisms whenever she was feeling confused or having mixed emotions was she always bit her lower lip.

Whenever he saw her doing that all he wanted to do was to kiss her. However, he was suppressing himself. He had noticed that whenever he was cold with her, she was the one who initiate the contact and he was enjoying it.

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