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   Chapter 36 Notice For Disinheritance

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Jordan's jaw dropped reading the document sent by his father' attorney to his office.

Is this for real? He doesn't know what to react. He was so dumbfounded right now.

He called for Lou and gave him the documents.

Lou was also shocked. "Have you asked Senior Choi about this? I thought he doesn't interfere to your private life."

The document was a notice for disinheritance.

There were conditions cited for the disinheritance to be voided. And the one thing that had caught his attention was the word marriage.

Jordan cancelled his scheduled appointments to meet his father who was currently at home with Raven.

"What's the meaning of this?" Jordan asked his father directly.

"Do I have to explain? It's all written in there." Senior Choi replied simply.

Jordan's forehead creased, he was completely confused. How come his father was calmed? 'Did he suddenly change his mind on not to meddle to his personal life.'

"Son, I am not getting any younger, same with you. You should be married at that age or might as well give me grandchildren to play with already." Senior Choi said bluntly.

Raven, who suddenly appeared with a tray of snacks, looked confuse hearing Senior Choi's words.

However, Senior Choi just ignored her and looked at Jordan with a serious face and said, "I haven't asked you for anything before. You know how I've been supportive with you to all the things that you chose and wanted to do along the way. And up to now, I still am."

Senior Choi sighed deeply and added, "That's why you still have the freedom to choose who you wanted to marry. It's just that I am setting a time frame for that to happen and I am giving you an ultimatum so you wouldn't slack-off with that requests of mine. I'm sure you already check the authenticity of the document. So I expect you make a move now as fast as you can otherwise you will be stripped-off with everything. Just imagine losing everything in a

ause of the company shares he had transferred to Raven's name without the latter knowing.

Raven's shares had the security clause for her own safety. It can't be transferred to anyone except for her immediate family. Senior Choi had made sure that his other family members and relatives won't be able to bully Raven. He was also sure that Raven was not greedy and will be willing to return those shares anytime thus, that clause was added and pointed out without her knowing.

"Tsk. tsk." he shook his head. How come that son of his was not thinking straight?

Jordan was doing the shotgun wedding recklessly. So shameless! Just to secure himself on Raven without even thinking if he will look bad at Raven.

Jordan's plan was to catch Raven with a contract marriage in order to get her company shares. Senior Choi was presuming that after the marriage, that son of his will make Raven fall for him deep in the process. What a cliché move.

Well, his meddling was just the same. The only difference is he was helping Jordan not to look greedy for power and money trying to get Raven's company shares.

"I helped you already son. Now, all will depend on you." Senior Choi murmured as he inhaled and exhaled deeply. He just hopes that everything turned out fine with his prying around.

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