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   Chapter 35 I’m Willing To Take The Responsibility

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Jordan was not in the good mood.

All his employees were in panic. Reports submitted were rejected and instructed for another revision.

And now at the conference room…

"What is this? What kind of presentation was that? Are we talking about business and profits here? Why gave me that bullshit?!" Jordan's voice echoed at the conference room.

"Sir, the busi..." the team leader was about to justify but he was already interrupted.

"I want to see certainty not the bullshit possibility! I will cut down bonuses if you don't fix this by tomorrow! Make sure to present something concrete and not just base on how you see things!" Jordan spoke in his terror tone before leaving the conference room.

The people inside was looking at Lou with confusing eyes. Lou shook his head. Those eyes at him had the same questions. "What happened? Why the Boss had his period today and over reacting?"

Yes his Boss was over reacting over a small project. However, why would they even do a dissatisfying presentation on such a crucial day? If the Boss was in a good mood, the sermon will remain as is since his the Ironclad CEO but he will not drop the bonuses thing of course.

Lou presumed that his Ironclad attack was connected with Raven. The evil aura began this morning as soon as his Boss got inside the car.

Urghh, he had a lot on his plate right now and shrugged his shoulders in answer for those eyes before following the Boss.

"How is everything?" Jordan asked him.

"All documents will be ready in two days time. Attorney Gray called. He wanted to meet with you at dinner." Lou said.

"Alright, tell him I will meet him around 8:00 PM. I will eat dinner with father first." Jordan answered before getting inside the car.

They were headed in the house of the most renowned designer in the country to pick-up his father and Raven. He never misses to eat meals with his father from the day that he came to know the truth.

Jordan entered the house and found his father reading a magazine on the sofa.

"You are early. Raven was still in the fitting room. All the dresses looked perfectly at her and I am having a hard time to choose." His father said in a complaining tone.

"Since you are here, you should help me and you choose instead." Senior Choi added showing him the shots taken on his mobile phone for the previous dresses Raven fitted.

After a minute, the designer went out and said excitedly, "Senior Choi, I am sure you will choose this one for the event. Your daughter looks like a superstar. She's more stunning that the actresses I've seen and handled."

Raven went out of the room walking slightly shy seeing Jordan was sitting with his father. Both men slightly opened their mouth because they were so mesmerized.

"Wow, Steph you are right. My big Raven will definitely wipe out all famous celebrities once she joins the showbiz." Senior Choi commented full of admiration.

"What do you say son?" He shifted his gaze to his son and taped his shoulder gently to wake him up from obvious drooling.

"Not bad. Get that one and let's eat. I am starving already. All dress looks the same anyway. It just depends on who

will wear it." He said plainly before getting up the chair.

'What is wrong with him?' Raven thought before looking at her father, "I also like this one, enough with the fitting and it seems like Jordan will die on starvation right now." Raven said in a loud voice making sure that Jordan will hear it while he walks towards the door.

No one saw Jordan's smiling face from the back. He will surely enjoy teasing a little bit to continue with his punishment but of course he intends to add more spies.

'What with them right now? Don't tell me they plan to act like a dog and cat all out war with me?' Senior Choi sighed.

They went to a fine dine in restaurant and ordered steaks. Jordan quickly cut his and exchanged plate with his father. Senior Choi was touched.

Meanwhile, Raven exchanged her plate with Jordan, "Here have mine since you're dead hungry."

"Thanks, " Jordan said and began to eat. At the back of his mind he was happy. Senior Choi on the other hand was just observing the two.

After lunch, Raven wanted to grab some ice cream which was near the restaurant so she suggested that they just they walk. They need to cross over the street to reach the ice cream parlour.

Jordan went in between Senior Choi and Raven. He held Senior Choi's arm with his left hand.

He was surprised to see him acting like that. His son was becoming thoughtful these past few days. Then the light became green for passerby.

"Let's go." Jordan said and quickly grabbed Raven's hand and locked it with his palm as they walked at the crossroad.

'Since when did he become a third wheeler?' Senior Choi shook his head seeing his son's style.

They are waiting for their orders when Senior Choi's mobile phone rang and it seemed to be an important call since he quickly instructed the driver to pick him up at the parlour.

"What is it?" Raven asked of curiosity.

"I will leave Raven with you." Senior Choi said looking at Jordan and ignoring Raven's question.

Then he looked back at Raven and said, "I will talk to you later have to go now."

"Why is he in a hurry, " Raven murmured while looking at Senior Choi's back. She was taken aback when Jordan scooped an ice cream to feed her.

"Here try this flavor, " he said while feeding her the spoon with his ice cream. Raven pursed her lips. 'What is wrong with this guy, acting hot and cold?' she thought to herself with a creased forehead.

"My hand is hurting just taste it, " Jordan added seeing Raven was not opening her mouth. Raven sighed then took the ice cream spoon feeding of Jordan.

She can't help but asked the thing she wanted to from the start, "Don't you remember what happened last night at home while you are drunk."

Jordan creased his forehead and asked blankly, "Nope, why did I do something awful?"

Raven answered looking at him intently, "You slept at my bedroom. You are too drunk." She was scrutinizing Jordan.

"I did? I don't remember at all. I woke up on my bed this morning though." Jordan said plainly.

Then Jordan stared at her and asked, "Have I done something? I'm willing to take the responsibility."

Raven's face became deep red...

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