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   Chapter 34 Difference Between Love And Like

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Senior Choi changed the topic when Raven did not say a word on his teasing and just shrugged her shoulders.

"Ahmm, I will stay at Japan for one year to monitor and supervise the opening of our subsidiary there. Well, it was just an estimate for now and all will depend on how the company will improve." Senior Choi blurted out.

Jordan shook his head. He doesn't know if he will laugh with his father's acting today.

He already knew his father's plan. The Japan he was referring to was in truth none other than the hospital. His plan was to stay at the VIP room of the biggest and prominent hospital in their country as an anonymous patient. His coming back home of course depends on how his body will improve and recover.

"When are you going to leave? This is the first time you are going to stay long just to supervise? Can't you just assign someone there?" Raven asked her father. One year sounds too long to her.

"Well, since you no longer stay here, I decided to mixed business with pleasure. It's not yet final. I might come back after three months or so. Don't worry big Raven I won't miss your school breaks. I will absolutely present whenever you return home. Oh and I plan to bring Nanny Rong with me so you don't need to worry on whose going to take care

"I'll be up first to get ready for the fitting, " Raven said and went up quickly. Her father was asking too many questions. It's best to run now before he asks for more.

Senior Choi just wanted to hear one word from Raven and was satisfied with what he had heard. Then an idea came to his mind. Maybe he should mess around a bit to help his son in the future. In that instant, Senior Choi made a call to his attorney.

Raven will stay with them for fifteen days before she returns to school. His operation was schedule the next day. Nanny Rong will be the one to accompany him along the way.

He was also afraid. But he will be more frightened if he will see the troubled faces of his children so he has to be brave and fight this battle of his as long as he can.

When everything is settled, that's probably the only time he can let go.

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