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   Chapter 32 He Was Becoming Shameless

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Jordan heard the opening sound of the door and quickly closed his eyes.

Yes, he had a drink but he was not drunk. He was sobered from the beginning. He was home early because he knew that Raven will be home by that time.

He just used the alcohol as an excuse to take an advantage of her which he cannot do in the end. He failed. He was becoming shameless because of desperation.

After he'd come to know of the truth regarding his father's health, he had come up with several plans to accomplish his father's wishes and being barefaced like this was one of those.

Jordan only had two options remaining right now.


Provide A Good Act. He will sacrifice himself to look bad in her eyes. He will be someone who is greedy about money and power.

He was so desperate right now that he doesn't care anymore as long as he will see to it that his dad's wishes will be executed before that time comes. He was willing to use any means to achieve it.

At the second thought, it was like hitting two birds with one stone because he will achieve his wishes at the same time. Yet, he will make sure that the second option will not affect or become a hindrance to Raven's dreams and original plans.


Tell Raven the truth --

However, like what his father said. Raven will start a fuss and without doubt she will transfer school, back to their country, or worst stopped her studies just to make sure she was always beside their father until that day comes.

Raven, as stubborn as she is, will definitely not be stopped either.

He was absolutely sure his father doesn't want that to happen. Raven obviously loved her current school. She was enjoying her studies and experiences at her new environment right now.

Jordan let out a deep sigh of frustration. He had decided to proceed with his first option upon recalling the conversation between the father and daughter while they were playing chess.

Raven had made it clear to him before and now to his father that she had her dreams and she had plans already for her own life.


Raven went back to her room and found out that Jordan was still inside and asleep

on her bed. She sighed and gently tapped his shoulder.

"Jordan… Jordan…" she said in a soft voice. She was trying to wake him up. But unfortunately, he doesn't move nor respond at all.

Raven walked at the other side of the bed. She cannot sleep in the guest room because the servants might find out.

In her room and Jordan's, no one will have the guts to enter without knocking first, even her father. They knew that both of them like privacy and hate trespasser on their room without their permission.

If someone happened to see Jordan walked out of her room, there are so many alibis to justify it rather than her sleeping in the guest room.

'Wait, Jordan trespassed in her room! Hmmp!' Raven thought subconsciously. She will be considerate for now since Jordan was drunk and seemed to be in a big problem.

Raven put her pillow hotdog in between the bed, making it as a partition between her and Jordan.

She was sleepy after playing with her father and talking too much with her plans in the future. She positioned sideways facing Jordan whose eyes were still closed.

She stared at his handsome face for a minute. 'Just what exactly is bothering him?' She thought while looking on his face features from prominent eyebrows, long eyelashes, attractive and well shaped nose with a soft curvy tip, straight and flawless and lastly the lips.

That kissable lips, then Jordan kissing her a while ago flashed back through her mind.

Raven hit her head. 'What's with me? Gosh I'm becoming a pervert!' She thought to herself while blushing.

She let out a yawn then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

On the other hand, Jordan opened his eyes after thirty minutes, making sure Raven was already in deep sleep.

He tossed the hotdog pillow away and stared at the sleeping Raven before his eyes.

He was feeling uneasy. He was wondering how Raven would react once he begin with his plan. He was willing to wait, but the circumstances were forbidding him to.

The plan must be executed perfectly for Raven to buy it.

He moved closer to Raven to kiss her forehead and locked her to his embrace before he closed his eyes to sleep.

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