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   Chapter 30 I Need You

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Raven and Sheena booked the same flight and arrived at the airport by 10:00 AM. Raven wanted to surprise her father so she intentionally did not mention that her flight was today. She left Sheena who was waiting for her brother and just grabbed a taxi to go home directly.

'Hmmm where is everyone?' She thought when she arrived at the mansion with only the servants inside. She was quite sure Jordan was at work. But how come her father and Nanny Rong were also out?

She called his father's office and found out that he did not drop by today. She presumed that they just strolled around since one of the servant said that he went out together with Nanny Rong and driver Jun.

She decided to just wait at home and not to call her father on his mobile phone.

'Home sweet home, ' she thought as soon as she entered her room. She jumped on her bed and hugged her hotdog pillow. She was dead tired so she slept right away. When she woke up it was passed 1:00 PM already and she was hungry so she went to the kitchen.

She felt so cold because of the weather. So she asked the servant to prepare the sauna room for her.

She fixed her hair in a bun and removed all her clothing just to wear her above knee robe before going to the sauna room.

'It felt so good to sweat during winter season.' Raven thought. After thinking that she already had enough, Raven went out to go straight to her room and take a quick shower.

She was drying her hair when she heard a bang at her door so she immediately went out on the shower room to check. The light was still off

veral times. 'What is going on? Isn't this a little too fast? I am not ready for this!'

Panic can be seen at her face. Jordan clearly saw her reaction and he stopped.

Then he sighed deeply and laid his body next to her. He hugged her body and buried his face on her neck.

"I'm just tired and exhausted. Please let me stay like this for a while." Jordan said in a low tone.

Raven felt Jordan's need for a companion. She wanted to know what's bothering him but she stayed still and let him rest. She put her hand on his arm that was hugging her waist and gently tapped it to console him.

"Raven I hate that I… I just hate you so much…" that was Jordan's last words before he kissed her neck and dozed off.

'What is that supposed to mean?' Raven really wanted to ask him what he meant by that because the sentence seemed twisted. She was left hanging and wondering.

She can feel Jordan's breathing on her neck. Raven inhaled and blew the air out from her mouth.

Jordan probably really hates her because of her uncertainty…

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