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   Chapter 28 Her Love Life Can Follow Afterwards

Hate Me If You Can By EUSTOMA_reyna Characters: 4663

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"Wow this girl was kinda stingy, " Sheena whined while she was checking the net on her mobile phone.

Raven remained quiet and continued to read her book. She knew who the person Sheena was referring to. It was Lin Wang the only daughter of one of the biggest company in their country.

She herself was quite impressed with the achievement of the heiress in an article she had read. She was the complete package of beauty and brain plus wealth of course. Everyone surely drooled over her.

Sheena rose up and sat beside her. She showed her the screen. It was Jordan together with Lin Wang who encircled her arm to Jordan Like a snake – they were one of the trending topics right now because of the collaboration between companies.

But most of all, it was because of their visuals together, the media was linking these two together as the new well-matched couple in the business world.

Sheena clicked the video interview and they watched it together.

"With a passion for innovation and commitment to drive the advancement of the mobile and vehicle industry, Choizen Group looks forward to the shared success of this collaboration, " declared by Jordan.

Then the camera was focused to Lin Wang who spoke next, "Together, Choizen Group and Wang Motor Corporation are opening the door to the Smarter Car Era.

She heard Sheena laughed. "Why do I feel like the word TOGETHER had some hidden meaning like it was not the companies' collaboration but her and Jordan instead?"

Raven just stretched her arms and yawned. Sheena can't believe how Raven was so calmed and not even affected by the news.

"Sheena, you are over reacting. There's nothing wrong with their speech okay. There you go again with giving other meanings on small things." Raven said simply while she continued on her reading.

"Aren't you jealous at all? What if that Lin Wang snatches Jordan away from you?" Sheena asked in awe. She still can't get used on how open-minded Raven was. So she was really anticipating the time she can witness how Raven looked in jealousy.

'Will that time ever come?' Sheena thought inwardly. Just how confident her friend was? Or how stone hearted? Or so low on EQ? Sheena blew an air to her forehead.

Raven laughed this time and reminded her friend, "We are not in a relationship Sheena."

"But you like

each other." Sheena still insisted.

Raven sighed and spoke, "if we are meant to be together then we are going to be together at the right time. If he decided to be in a relationship, he's free to do so."

Raven's top and most priority right now are to be someone with attainment. She just wanted her father to be proud of her.

For Raven, she can show her gratitude to her father's generosity if she can be someone he could be proud of. Then her love life can follow afterwards.

Winter break is coming and she was so excited to return back home to see everyone, most especially Jordan.

Remembering the last time she saw Jordan, Raven's face suddenly blushed. She had kept her promise to him up to now. She was not that stupid. She knew Jordan liked her. However, she was not sure how long that feeling will last. She was not against to a long distance relationship but she was also not into that kind of thing.

Raven laughed suddenly at the thought of her guy classmates in each subject that she had turned down and rejected instantly. But there is one consistent person that doesn't give up on whatever she does and says just shooing him off.

She was enjoying at her schooling right now. She had met new friends from different countries and culture. All went smooth so far.

Her flight was booked in two days time. Raven looked at her mobile phone and called her father.

"I'm sorry father. I was not able to talk to you often." She said in a soft voice.

"That's okay my big Raven. I know you are busy at school especially with the exam period. Anyways, you will be returning soon so we will have plenty of time. Plus your birthday is coming and your old man here will make sure to make it memorable for you.'' Senior Choi smiled at her.

Raven pouted her lips, "I told you no need to bother and let's just spend it at home with you, Jordan, Nanny Rong and closest friends."

"Just let me do things my way this time Raven. It's your father's wish. Just this once please?" Senior Choi blinked his eyes and copied her pouted lips.

Raven laughed. "Alright stop that already. Do as you wish then and I will not complain at all."

Senior Choi's eyes brightened. He had so many plans for Raven's eighteenth birthday. He wanted to make sure that it would be the most talked about event afterwards.

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