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   Chapter 26 Don’t Forget What You Had Promised

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'The pitiful flowers, ' Sheena thought while she watched Raven picking on the petals of the flowers in their flower vase placed at the center table of the dining room.

"He hates me? He hates me not? He hates me? He hates me not?" Raven already picked and wasted three stems of flowers.

Sheena rolled her eyes at her and quickly took away the vase when she saw Raven was about to pick her red roses next. Today was Jordan's flight and Lou dropped by an hour ago to get Jordan's luggage and things.

Lou brought with him a bouquet or red roses and gave those to her defending that it will add more color on their flower vase.

He commented that theirs which were peach and cream lisianthus were too pale in color and do not fit the inside of the apartment at all. Sheena smiled secretly because she had her own interpretation on things like that.

"Stop it already. He does not hate you okay. He was just probably hurt and broken hearted right now but he will definitely not hate you." Sheena declared in a confident tone.

Last night, she was startled with the sudden knocking of Raven at her door waking her up at almost midnight. Well, she did expect that sooner or later but not the rejection thing. She was sure Raven liked Jordan but Raven had her own reasons not to accept him for now.

Sheena saw Raven sighed deeply and cupped her face with both hands at side while her elbow stood as support on the table. You can see the slightly dark circles below her eyes.

Jordan did not come back at the apartment last night and Raven was restless all night because of that. She wanted to call or send him a message but she hesitated thinking that it would be best to let him be for now.

She had wanted to ask Lou before where Jordan was but chose not to. Raven once again sighed and stared at her mobile phone.

'Maybe I should call him or send a message instead but I don't know what to tell him, ' she thought helplessly.

On the other hand, her door suddenly opened and Jordan appeared in front of her.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the airport already? Did you forget something?" Sheena asked him then she shifted her gaze to Raven who suddenly bit her lower lip and can't seemed to know how she would react.

"Yeah I just forgot something inside the room." Jordan said and made a quick glance at Raven.

Raven was feeling tongue-tied. Their eyes met and he greeted her casually before going inside his room.

"Hey are you alright?" She heard Sheena asked her while she was waving her hand at her face to wake her up. She just nodded.

' Jordan seemed to be fine. She must be worried for nothing.' Raven thought inwardly.

"Should you at least escort him down to his car?" Sheena continued.

Raven once again nodded. She was so absent minded right now.

"Hey if you will act like that, then why did you turn him down on the first place? You actual

ly looked like as someone who was feeling guilt or regret."

Raven pouted her lips and spoke, "Why are you so straight forward, always hitting the right note. Hmmp!"

Sheena just laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

"I will just change, let's meet Chad early." Sheena continued then walked back to her room. At the same time Jordan was out.

Raven looked at him and said, "Hmm I will accompany you down." She saw Jordan creased his forehead so Raven unconsciously bit her lower lip.

Jordan suddenly pursed his lips for a silly smile and said, "Okay let's go then."

Raven followed him as they went inside the elevator. They were alone and Jordan was at her back. She pressed the ground floor button.

"Uhmm, where did you sleep last night?" She asked him hesitantly but heard no response so she turned around to face him and see if he was okay.

"What is it to you where I sleep?" Jordan spoke looking at her closely waiting for her answer.

Raven bit her lower lip once again. She can't find the words to say anything.

Jordan grinned this time and said in a teasing tone, "I've noticed you've been biting your lower lip for some time now. I did not kiss you that long enough last night to make it sore right?"

"No, no, it's not that. I just don't know what to say. I am really sorry Jordan I did not expect…" she said, stuttering the words.

"Shhh just don't say anything. Do you think this will be enough for reconciliation or breaking your so called big brother's heart?" Jordan murmured in a husky tone.

Before Raven could react Jordan already swept her to his embrace as he locked her lips with his own and kissed her deeply. He was rough like he was punishing her for what she did to him.

Raven can feel his tight embrace and biting of her lips between the deep kissing. He was pulling and sucking at her lips and it kind of hurt. But Raven did not decline or struggle. She just let Jordan on his way.

Then they heard the elevator sound as it opened. Jordan suddenly let her go, leaving her gasping for air.

"I guess that one will cause your lips to sore. Don't follow me and go back to your unit now. We are even now. All you need to do is focus on your studies and be good later." He whispered on her ear then turned his back on her.

When the elevator was about to close, Jordan stopped it and went back inside to steal a peck kiss on her swollen lips and said, "Don't forget what you had promised."

After that, Jordan disappeared in an instant from her sight. While she just froze inside the elevator that opens and closes at the ground floor thrice since she hasn't press yet the button for her floor.

Raven was taken aback and trying to recall the promise she made mentioned by Jordan. Then she touched her lips unconsciously.

Raven touched her burning cheeks with both hands remembering the promise Jordan was referring to.

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