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   Chapter 25 You Will End Up To No One But Only Me

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5097

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'Let me help you remember.' The words keep popping on Raven's head. Her eyes were blinking like flickering lights with an electrical problem.

Jordan's face was so close on hers. She can feel the rapid thumping of her own heart. She can clearly see the desire on his eyes. She was about to say something but Jordan already sealed her mouth.

He was gently kissing her. Raven closed her eyes when things suddenly became blurry. She just let Jordan do his way with her lips. He was probing deeper, exploring her inner mouth searching for her tongue to meet his.

He suddenly left her lips to nibble her ear while he whispered, "Make sure that you remember this."

Then he began to kiss her on the neck biting her and sucking. Raven was going nuts with the sensation she was feeling.

Raven was distracted with the ringing of her mobile phone that made her opened her eyes. She must come back to her senses. She quickly pushed Jordan away from her.

She saw him creased his forehead. His dazed eyes were still locked at hers.

Raven cleared her throat, slightly bowed her head down and murmured, "I'm sorry if I messed up last night."

Jordan held her shoulders while making her face him and spoke, "this has nothing to do about last night. I've wanted to tell you this for a long time now. Raven, I like you as a woman. I really do."

Raven was getting what Jordan was saying but she was still in shock hearing those words from him.

"Actually I lo…"

Raven heard Jordan was about to say more but panic struck

s are really a headache.' With his Boss it was a headache and now heartache.

Jordan asked Lou to stop the car. He walked at the park and paused at the pond at his front. He picked up some stones and made several throws at the pond.

He's been like that for ten minutes then he smirked. He did not expect this. His heart was in so much pain right now. He had waited patiently and was rejected just like that. His tears started to fall without him noticing it.


'What a sissy' He thought to himself the let out a scornful laugh. He was too old to act like this.

He understands Raven's sentiments of course. It was her opinion and she was entitled to it. But he definitely can't accept those excuses.

'Give her some more time to mature.' He convinced his inner self. He had decided to give Raven some space on her own to grow. He will no longer pursue her for now.

Then he sighed deeply. But he definitely knew what he wanted.

"Just wait and see. You will end up to no one but only me!"

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