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   Chapter 24 Let Me Help You Remember

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Updated: 2018-12-07 10:40

Raven suddenly had a vague memory of what happened last night while she was looking at herself in the mirror and combing her hair. She shook her head and thought that it was probably just a dream.

She looked at the mark on her shoulder once more and finally was convinced that the thing really happened last night.

She did remember some scenes like Jordan kissing her on the neck and biting her shoulder. Her face suddenly reddened.

Then her mobile phone rings and it was Jordan. She cleared her throat and answered.

She was now hesitating if she will go out or not. She was kind of shy to face Jordan.

'Wait! Should I be the one to be embarrassed?' She asked her inner self. She was sure she quite wasn't the one who initiated something for that to happen. She will never do that. Or did she?

Raven shook her head once more. Drinking alcohol was really not for her.


Jordan and Raven was both quiet inside the car. 'What is this strange feeling? Did they quarrel?' Lou thought keeping himself not to look at the rear view mirror. He made sure of a romantic arrangement for the two. Will it just go to waste?

"Oh it's the drive-in theater, " Raven suddenly blurted out when she saw the big screen and cars on an open area. She and Sheena did want to experience and try it out next.

Lou sighed hearing someone finally talked. A van was already arranged at the best spot for them. Lou just dropped them off and immediately left.

Raven looked at the back of the Mercedes Benz van facing the screen with slightly opened mouth.

'What is this, a bedroom inside the van? Are we going to sleep here?' Raven wanted to voice out.

Everything was settled with a mattress, comforter and even

hy?" Raven was now stuttering with her answer.

She saw Jordan frowned and blew an air to his forehead bangs.

'This was frustrating.' Jordan thought. How can she manage things simply like this while he was almost going crazy? He can no longer take this.

He looked straight into her eyes and said in a snappy tone, "That's a bite mark a hickey for goodness sake!"

But Raven remained composed.

"Haha don't be funny and let's just watch. Why would I have a hickey? You are the only one with me last night. Do you happen to bite me?" She said jokingly killing the nervousness and tension of their conversation.

"What if I did?" Jordan asked her without blinking an eye.

Raven was caught off guard with that and seemed to lose her tongue.

Then she still managed to joke out, "You are probably drunk? Or maybe I had done something so you made a prank last night?"

Jordan's lips curled as he laughed crazily, "A prank you say? Something like this?"

Before Raven could react, Jordan swiftly moved pinning her down with him on top of her.

"Let me help you remember what happened last night." She heard his hoarse voice.

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