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   Chapter 23 Hide And Seek Thing Scenario

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Sheena was busy searching the internet on her mobile phone while she was having her breakfast. She was looking for places to hang up with Chad when Jordan stepped out on his room.

"Is everything okay with your admission?" Jordan asked her while he was preparing breakfast which was obviously for Raven.

Sheena answered simply, "Yeah already finished everything yesterday. Class will start in two days time. Thanks again."

Jordan just nodded and continued, "I am preparing Raven's breakfast then will head-out to the office for some time. If you will need anything, you can contact Lou directly."

"Ahm you should prepare something for brunch instead because I'm sure she'll wake up late." Sheena suggested.

'Gee, I thought Raven was no longer allowed to drink, so if she's with Jordan that doesn't count?' She thought in protest at the back of her mind.

Sheena sighed, one more day and she can rest on entertaining Chad just to divert his attention out from Raven. And finally, her generous Boss Jordan will also soon leave the apartment.

'Yeheyyyy.' She was rejoicing at the thought of it. She was kind of suffocated seeing those two lovers with their hide and seek thing scenario regarding their feelings.

Jordan left after preparing everything for Raven. He just sent a message to Raven regarding their movie theatre later. He had instructed Lou to make all the preparations for their walk later.


Raven was still wearing her dress last night and her head was aching. She woke up with the grumbling of her stomach.

She had checked her mobile phone first.

[I will go out to pick up Chad at his hotel. I will tour him around before he leaves. Jordan prepared brunch for you, still on the stove. Just heat it up.]

Raven suddenly felt sad that she wasn't able to spend enough time with his friend Chad before leaving the country. Time fled so fast. She read Jordan's messages.

[Did you enjoy the food? Drink the medicine after.]

[Message me what time you will be ready for the movie theatre later.]

She hurriedly went out to grab her brunch cooked by Jordan and as usual it was good. His future wife will be so lucky. She thought enviously.

After lunch, she drank the medicine and headed directly for bath.

She unzipped her clothes and pulled it out. While she was on the tub massaging her neck she noticed a dark spot on her shoulder.

'What is this? Did I bump into something?' Raven thought looking at the bruise like mark on her shoulder.

Then she tried to recollect what had happened last night. She was at the park with Jordan and she got drunk. That was the only thing she remembered.

'Did I make a fuss again?' She frowned still thinking hard if she can remember something. Then she decided to just ask Jordan instead.

After fixing herself up she replied on Jordan's messages.


[The food was really yummy. You are really good in

cooking. *thumbs up emoticon* Thanks much.]


[*wink and smiley emoticon* Are you ready? I will come pick you up.]


[Not yet, thirty minutes more and all done.]

Then Raven wanted to add more but kind of hesitating… But she still sent the words.

[Take care on your way.]

Then she giggled and threw her phone on the bed before getting dressed. She was feeling giddy with her own simple endearment.


On the other hand, Jordan was feeling restless. He will fly back home tomorrow and he was still in the same dilemma -- To confess early or wait still? Questions were running through his heads in parade.

What would be Raven's reaction?

Will she accept him?

Does she like him as a man?

Or she just sees him like a big brother only?

Will she be disgusted?

Will she turn him down?

Will she turn away and get uncomfortable with him afterwards?

He can't breathe with the negativity that swaying him to pull back and wait further more. Raven was like a fruit, still unripe and not for picking if you will base everything on her age.

Then Jordan pictured a very sour face of Raven looking at him since she was still not ripe.

He suddenly laughed at his own crazy thought.

Then he sighed deeply once more. This was the hardest equation he encountered in his life. He can definitely solve and decide on anything about the company howsoever crucial it maybe. But when it comes to Raven…

Lou who was arranging some documents inside then shook his head seeing how his Boss was laughing on his own. Awhile ago, the Boss kept on sighing. Then he will frown and now laughing?

'Being in love to younger girls was surely a headache.' He wanted to voice that out to his Boss. Then he suddenly thought of Sheena. She was bothering him for some time now.

It started when he had showed up to their house and helped her with the guys who made a fuss and mess because of their family debts. He just did what he needed to do.

From that day onward, Sheena was bold enough to keep sending him messages. He never missed a day without her messages.

Previously, he received a message from her.

[Blame your Boss okay, his word is that to go directly to you if I will need anything.]

[I need a boyfriend.]

She treated him like her daily diary. Telling him what she did all day whether it was funny or embarrassing stuffs.

Then she will ask what he was doing or how was his day. Sometimes he would reply in a simple answer sometimes he would not or forgot to reply when he was busy.

But what was confusing was she was quiet and tamed whenever they see each other as if she was not the Sheena who was pestering him on the mobile phone.

'Is she that bored and chose me to be her playmate?' Lou sighed before he decided to reply at Sheena's last message.

[Where are you?]

Sheena replied…

[I'm on a date with Chad.]

Lou: "....."

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