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   Chapter 22 Dilemma

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Updated: 2018-12-05 16:06

Jordan can't take his eyes off from Raven right now. He was watching her enjoying the night, spinning around like a blissful kid on a play ground. However, he panicked and got up seeing Raven's dress was moving up whenever she swirls, showing a glimpse of her under wear.

He caught her to his embrace and whispered to her ear, "Stop that, do you want to catch more attention? Catching mine will be enough."

Jordan looked around and sighed. It was a good thing people were not that near to their spot. Then he shifted his gaze back to Raven. Her face was flushed already because of the beer.

'So pretty, she's like a doll.' He thought inwardly.

He then frowned seeing there were three cans of beers opened. 'That fast? Did she drink it like water?'

He did not even notice it because he was too busy with his own dilemma while looking at the sky.

He wanted to tell Raven what he truly feels towards her at this moment but he doesn't know where to start and he was having a second thought if it's the right time to do so.

He had set his mind before that he will wait until Raven finished her studies but when he had experienced spending time with Raven and doing things together, he felt that he can no longer wait.

His thought was interrupted by Raven's tap on his shoulder and sweet smile at him.

"I really enjoyed the night. Can we go out again tomorrow?" Raven asked pouting her lips while looking intently at him. Jordan nodded like a puppy in return.

Raven was so happy and suddenly pounced at him causing J

nd we have to condition your body first." Then the doctor had instructed the things he needs to follow before the surgery.

Senior Choi wanted to do the surgery after his big Raven's winter's break. He knew how stubborn she was. If she knew about it she will definitely stop going to school to take care of him herself. And he doesn't want that to happen.

His poor son might become a monk by that time.

It would be best that big Raven could at least finish her college and had a proper degree. In their kind of world one must be with strong foundation, both mentally and physically.

Anyway nothing matters, as long as Jordan and him were here with her. The he suddenly frowned because he knew that there will come a time that he soon will not be there for the children.

Senior Choi let out a long sighed.

With them backing big Raven up might not be enough. He also wanted Raven to establish herself. It will help her become stronger in the future so whatever may happens no one can step on her that easily.

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