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   Chapter 21 I Can Handle You Well Enough

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5622

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'I bet Boss was on a cloud nine right now.' He thought inwardly. Miss Raven was a stunning lady and no wonder his Boss was willing to wait that long. Lou can't help but stole glances at his rear view mirror.

Jordan coughed and spoke, "You look great."

"Thank you. You too, well, you always looked good." Raven said shyly and smiled at him. She meant that. Jordan was really handsome in all aspect. Even he was just in a simple shirt and short.

Jordan caught Lou's glances and he frowned at him gesturing that he focussed on driving instead. He scratched his head because the Boss caught him. He must make sure to repent on it later.

Lou dropped them off at a restaurant near the symphony hall. It was a sophisticated and modern New England-French cuisine, with an emphasis on artisanal and New England ingredients. They both had the Chef's tasting menu with multiple courses including caviar and truffles.

The food was good and the two decided to head out and walked at the symphony hall thirty minutes before the concert time. While walking, Jordan can feel Raven's back hand brushed at his from time to time. He was hesitating if he would just grab it or do nothing at all.

But his impulse told him to the first so he quickly held Raven's hand. Raven looked at him while they walk hand in hand. He can feel her questioning eyes although she did not complain or utter any words.

So he just smiled at her and said, "I will lead the way we are almost there." Raven just nodded in return but still looked baffled.

Attending the symphony was such an exciting experience for Raven. There was just something about the magnitude and majesty associated with the whole dy

et pranks but he strongly denied it was him and besides she was also receiving a separate gift from her father every year. Then she looked at Jordan to ask but she paused seeing the side view of him staring at the sky.

'What a breath taking view, ' she thought inwardly while she drank her beer.

"We will arrange a party for you." Jordan blurted out.

"No, I hate parties – I really don't want any celebration really. That's winter break so I will just come home then and spend my birthday with you guys. No need for a party." She replied.

"But, that happens once in a lifetime only. Every girl celebrates their eighteenth birthday even grandly." Jordan commented still looking at the sky.

He knew Raven was not fond of parties. But still he at least wanted to make it memorable for her. His father was even eager to organize it with or without Raven's permission.

"No parties and we are good." Raven insisted before opening another can of beer. Since this will be her last alcoholic drink she should seize the opportunity. The air at the park felt good. Raven stood up and swirled around unconsciously.

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