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   Chapter 20 Tickets At The Symphony Hall

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Raven can hardly sleep all night. Even in her dreams she's been murmuring different ways to perfectly tie a necktie. Jordan's first request was she does the tying of his necktie whenever he'll need it.

Today he had an important appointment and Jordan handed her his tie. He looked so amused on taking advantages of their bet.

Raven made a face and commented, "You sure are enjoying this huh?" She had tightened the pull making Jordan slightly cough.

"Hey be gentle, I'm just helping you out in the future, " he said full of meaning and teasing her intentionally.

Raven blushed and quickly turned around. Sheena just went out from her room and greeted them.

"Is your leg okay now?" she asked seeing Raven was walking. Raven smiled and nodded.

Lou arrived at the apartment to pick-up his Boss then the two left.

Sheena and Raven were both drinking coffee at the balcony where they can see Jordan who just entered his car.

Sheena noticed that Raven was staring at the moving car. She had sensed that the two became much closer. Jordan was definitely making his moves and she was curious right now if her friend can sense it already even though she was doubtful knowing Raven for so many years.

"What do you think of Jordan? Do you like him now?" She asked directly. Raven was caught off guard and turned red.

"Oh dear, look at you blushing, so that means you like him?" Sheena asked once more to reconfirm.

This time Raven laughed and said in a jest, "Yes I do like him. Anyway, it's just normal to admire someone right? He was too kind to me recently besides he was also handsome.

Then her tone suddenly got serious, "He probably just sees me as a sister now. He was being good to me and taking


'A semi-formal dress will probably do.' She thought while scanning her wardrobe.

'Raven calm down.' She scolded herself because she was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. After several trials of outfits she had chosen a simple slash neck lace semi formal dress in wine red color and above her knee length showing her beautiful legs.

"Wow, you look great and stunning." Sheena commented looking at her. She was sure there will be another jaw dropping scene later like now with Chad who was with her in the living room.

Raven was not into so much make-up and she really adored her friend having that natural beauty with her.

She had told Chad that Raven will be out with Jordan and he insisted that they too should go and he will treat her. She refused since it's not her thing and she will surely just sleep at the hall at most.

Chad did not give up and tried to check if he can get any ticket for himself but unfortunately all sold-out and an early reservation was required.

She doesn't know if she will laugh or cry with Chad's bad luck. She decided to accompany him to dinner and to a movie theater instead.

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