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   Chapter 19 How To Attract Younger Woman

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Although the doctor said that it was just a minor thing, Jordan still cancelled his appointments to accompany Raven at home.

Sheena was quite busy at the school and she had pestered Chad instead to be with her most of the time.

Raven's heart has been racing since morning. Jordan was pampering her like a baby.

He even cooked lunch for her. He looked so manly even though he was using her pink apron. She had set her camera click into silent and she quickly took a stolen shot of him on her phone. She just can't miss this one in a million opportunity. She smiled and looked bashful at her sneaking action.

Jordan had cooked her favorite seafood dishes. He had helped her also in peeling the prawns. He went all the way with his pampering. Raven was so full after the lunch.

"How come you are good in cooking?" she asked Jordan smiling. Jordan just winked at her.

Raven's heartbeat this time almost stopped. Her face blushed as she turned around and walked slowly to the living area and got her book. She sat on the sofa and read instead.

She looked like someone who was reading seriously but actually her mind was into something else. She certainly had a crush at Jordan. But prying deeper, she thought it was more than that. She likes him very much.

Even now, she was becoming a pervert. She wanted to be close to him and nuzzle his smell once more.

'This is normal and just part of my growing up stage.' Raven sighed at her own thought.

"I can manage here alone. Don't miss your important appointments." Raven said simply seeing Jordan brought his laptop.

Jordan sat beside her and answered, "Nothing much important today. Besides, I want to rest also. I'm exhausted with the run."

Raven arched an eyebrow and thought to herself, 'How can he rest with the laptop on? He is definitely working. His brain will be exhausted too.'

Jordan got up to change position and sat on the sofa at the side instead.

"Put your feet up while reading that's more comfortable, " he suggested.

Raven followed since that's her usual position and oftentimes she does fell asleep while reading.

She was facing Jordan on her current position and she clearly saw how he looked so serious while he was checking his laptop.

She got curious and asked, "Isn't work stressful? I'm pretty sure you were checking documents regarding the company again with your laptop."

Jordan looked at Raven and answered, "Not really, I am already used to it. Yeah I'm checking and reviewing some files."

Ravens pursed her lips and continued with her reading. She did not notice Jordan's crazy smile as he turned his eyes back to

his laptop screen.

He was not checking any files at all but was searching the web about the important rules on dating younger woman. Then a certain topic caught his attention --How to attract younger woman—

He's been searching and reading the same subject at the web for almost thirty minutes or less now.

Then he frowned at a particular reading that some women might be embarrassed or uncertain about the idea of dating an older man because sometimes they think that dating an older guy is somehow "wrong" or "weird".

He was wondering if Raven at her age now thinks the same. He looked back at Raven to ask but found the latter asleep instead with her book below her chin.

Jordan shook his head. Maybe it's really better not to make any move for now. He got up and pulled out Raven's book from her grasp.

'She looked like a sleeping beauty.' He had thought while staring at her face.

He bent his knees unconsciously as his gaze shifted to her lips. He slightly bowed down to give her a peck kiss on the lips. His face was now an inch closer to her when Raven unexpectedly opened her sluggish eyes.

Jordan suddenly got nervous being caught-up and immediately acted like he had squeezed something at Raven cheek.

He immediately got up and said, "I was about to carry you to your room but saw something crawling on your face. I think it's an ant."

Raven got up still yawning, "Okay, I will go inside and take a nap for a while. I feel sleepy."

Jordan just nodded then said, "I will prepare dinner later. What would you like to eat?"

Raven laughed, "I will definitely get fat if you are the one to cook." Jordan was really good and she had meant what she said. If he continues with her kitchen she will definitely gain more weight.

Jordan smiled at her sweetly and said, "That's okay, you're definitely still pretty with more weight."

Raven blushed and gave him a shy smile before she quickly went inside her room. She actually ran towards her bed and sunk her face to her pillow. She felt butterflies in her stomach at Jordan's simple compliment.

She was no longer sleepy. Jordan was really good with her. 'Is it possible that he likes me?' She thought recalling how Jordan was treating her lately.

But what if he was just being a big brother to her? Maybe she was just over thinking things since she had a crush on him. Jordan's actions were just a natural thing a big brother normally does so she prompted herself not to misinterpret his actions. He probably thought of her just like a little sister now.

To protect her own feelings, Raven reminded herself not to expect anything at all.

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