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   Chapter 18 I’m Waiting For You

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Before going out of his room Jordan received a message from his father early in the morning.

[You brat, how long do you plan to use me for your excuses?]

[Just make sure you will compensate me later for that.]

Jordan chuckled and sent a reply.

[Will making you the most powerful and richest business tycoon in the world enough?]

Senior Choi grinned at the reply of his son.

'Nah! All I want was to see you both happy.' He thought and typed a reply to his son.

[Just give me grandchildren. I want to play with my grandchildren before I die.]

But he hesitated to press the send button and soon deleted the whole message and re-type.

[Okay, just bring more money to the company then.]

Jordan chuckled seeing his father's reply. He aimed to do that. He knew how his father loves the company. He knew the story well. How his father had started from scratch.

How people with power bullies the weak. He had witnessed it all at his young age.

His father was trampled down but had managed to reach the top. He was proud of him and he intends to nourish and protect that achievement of his.

He was greeted by Raven's smiling face when he went out of his room. If only he could, how he loved to lock her in his embrace at that moment.

"Let's go?" Raven said. Jordan just nodded and followed her.

They went at a family park near her apartment. The place has paved paths, large green areas and a refreshing pond. It's a nice place for a run. Raven had asked him and Sheena for a jogging but the latter refused to join.

"Should we race and have a bet?" Jordan suggested while they are walking.

Raven smiled, "Why not. What's for the winner?"

"How about following the winner around and do all the winner's requests?" Jordan declared then stopped walking while he waited for her answer.

Raven thought carefully before answering, "Hmm, that's applicable during your stay here only right?"

Jordan nodded.

Raven started to position her body for running.

"Let's start at my count to three okay. One, two, three!" Raven shouted and began to run and gave her all. She must win. She was so excited that all the ideas on what she will have Jordan do were already running through her head.

Raven stopped at a bench facing the pond feeling exhausted. She lost the bet. How come Jordan ran so fast? She was behind with a half distance apart.

"I'll go get some water." Jordan offered seeing Raven was panting. After just a seconds Jordan handed her the bottle.

"Thanks." Raven said then drank the water. Then she put the bottle down beside her.

Jordan picked it up and drank on it also. Raven commented, "You did not get one for yourself?"

He just smiled at her and laughed, "I thought I'm not thirsty."

Raven: ......?

They decided to eat cheeseburger for their post-run meal. Raven was so happy, spending time like this with Jordan.

She can feel that he no longer hated her. She felt somewhat closer now with him.

"Jordan, why don't you have any girlfriend?" She asked out of curiosity. Jordan slightly coughed and Raven gave him water imm


He looked at Raven attentively and sighed, "Who said I don't have any?"

Raven's eyebrows creased. "You do? But I never heard any of it or seen anyone with you? I think your age is suitable already for marriage."

"Besides, I heard you turned down all marriage proposals before." Raven continued.

Jordan frowned and asked, "Do you think I'm already old?"

Raven just nodded while continued to eat her burger. She did not notice how Jordan's shoulders suddenly dropped at her nodding.

"I just turned twenty seven and that's not considered old at all. The marrying age for us guys is at late thirties don't you know?" Jordan said with an irritated tone.

Raven noticed the sulky reaction of Jordan. 'Crap did I say something bad? Is it the age thing?' She thought to herself and panic.

She smiled gawkily at Jordan, "I did not mean you're old. But it's just kind of weird that in that age you did not have any girlfriend up to now."

Jordan remained silent and seemed to be in a deep thought.

'I'm waiting for you.' He wanted to tell her that but he was afraid to do so. It's too early...

"How about you then on what age do you plan to get married?" Jordan asked instead.

Raven laughed and said, "Can I have a boyfriend first before getting married? Let's just change the topic, it's getting too serious."

Then she thought she was the one who started the topic so she answered randomly, "Okay maybe I'll be married at 29?"

Jordan frowned, "You're out of the calendar already at that age. Woman nowadays had their thing like expiration and should be married at twenty two or twenty three."

Raven shrugged her shoulders and changed the subject instead.

"Oh yeah right, what about your meetings? Do I have to follow you also there?" Raven suddenly asked.

This time Jordan smiled and nodded. Raven's eyes widened, "as in for real?"

Jordan once again nodded.

They were almost near at the apartment when Raven suddenly tripped on the loose stone.

"Ahhh..." She moaned in pain. Jordan caught her arm.

"Are you alright? Can you walk?" He asked in a worried tone.

Raven tried to walk but felt some pain in her ankle. Jordan blocked her front and bent down.

"You probably sprained your legs or ankle. Just get on my back I will carry you." He said.

"No I'm okay just support my arm while I walk." Raven said shyly.

"Okay you choose, get on my back right now or I will just carry you like a baby." Jordan said in a firmer tone while looking up at her.

Raven chose the first and quickly round Jordan's neck with her arms and round his waist with her legs.

'So this was the feeling when someone gave you a piggyback ride.' Raven thought. She can smell Jordan's sweat from the run. Raven wanted to nuzzle him senseless. The smell was intoxicating and she loved it.

How she wished the piggyback ride lasted long. But unfortunately, they are about to enter her apartment now.

Sheena opened the door and looked at them open-mouthed.

'Is that a running date?' She thought raising an eyebrow as the two entered the living room.

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