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   Chapter 17 I Will Buy You More Clothes

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 6313

Updated: 2018-11-27 15:56

The next day, Raven woke up with her usual routine. She went out directly to do some stretching at the balcony.

The air outside was brushing at her messy hair while the morning sun hit at her face.

Raven closed her eyes as she raised both her arms to feel the air.

'Ahhh. This feels so good, ' she thought while smiling.

Jordan was drinking his coffee at the living room when Raven stepped out from her room with her sleeve and short in pink printed with an animated character.

She was rubbing her eyes and directly walked towards the balcony. The girl did not even notice him.

He was about to greet her but chose not to and followed her instead.

'Why is she doing her stretching at the balcony?' Jordan thought frowning when he saw Raven's bare lower back and lower side's skin from behind whenever she will move her arms upward or do the side stretching.

Jordan wanted to hug her from behind but controlled himself.

His eyes widened when Raven did the standing half forward bending because he can clearly saw her bottom with her black underwear from behind.

Then she did the standing forward bending with her legs apart after.

"Ahhh!" Raven screamed as she lost her balance and had rolled forward.

Jordan who was daydreaming at that time quickly walked at her and helped her got up.

"Sorry, did I startle you? Are you alright?" Jordan asked while he looked at her arms and legs to see if she had a scratch or any wound with the sudden rolling.

Raven was blushing so she answered with her head bowed down, "I'm okay. I thought you left for work already."

"Nope. I'm free today. Sheena will have something to do at school today so she left early. Let's go and get breakfast. I'll wait for you to change." Jordan said to her.

Raven was still out of herself but nodded and quickly run inside her room.

She leaned at the door and put her hand to

ordan seemed to disapprove on it but Raven pouted her lips, "I like these, they look good on me."

"Way too good is not always good. You will attract more attention." Jordan jokingly said.

"What do you mean?" Raven asked subconsciously.

"Father said that I have to make sure you won't attract many suitors so you won't be in a relationship early and run away from him." Jordan explained without even batting an eye.

"What nonsense is that? I'm too young to even think about that?" Raven exclaimed in protest.

Jordan laughed wickedly and said, "Okay I will buy whatever you like as long as you promise not to entertain anyone until you graduate?"

"I will relay it to dad so he will not worry anymore." Jordan added.

Raven's lips curved, "Alright I promised but he doesn't have to worry anyway. Doesn't he trust me? Beside, my priority is to finish my study first. Anyway, I will just call him later."

She was throwing a tantrum and Jordan found it so cute.

"Don't call him about that. He doesn't want to mention it to you directly because he knew you'll get irritated somehow so he asked me instead." Jordan explained while he passed all the clothes Raven chose to the sales lady to be included with the rest of clothes they will buy.

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