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   Chapter 16 Another Four Years

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"Sir, Senior Choi just called to remind you that Raven's flight is scheduled to leave today." Assistant Lou immediately informed his Boss as soon as he received Senior Choi's call.

"What?" Jordan looked at his mobile phone which reflected several missed calls from his father.

Lou predicted that his Boss' mobile phone was on silent mode. His Boss was like that whenever he used to focus on the documents he had to check.

He didn't notice or even feel his phone vibrate.

Luo had never seen someone who works compulsively as his Boss. He had been with the company and servicing him for almost three years now.

Whenever he saw his Boss, he saw someone who wanted to kill time or maybe even all his years ahead, by working.

"What time is her flight?" Jordan hurriedly got up from his chair.

Jordan knew Raven would leave soon but he didn't actually want to know and remember the exact date and time.

Lou shook his head as he called the driver to get the car ready.

"Nanny Rong please stop crying," Raven said while she patted her back.

"You're all by yourself there. No one will take care of your meals and other things. Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?" Nanny Rong said, still sobbing.

Raven smiled lovingly at Nanny Rong, the person who was like a mother to her.

"I'm all grown up already. I can manage taking care of myself so do not worry okay? It's best that you stay here to look after father while I'm away."

Raven then shifted her gaze to Senior Choi who was still quiet.

"Father, I'll be going now. I will call as soon as I arrive at the flat." She embraced and kissed him on the cheek.

"Make sure you contact Josh if you need anything." Senior Choi reminded her since their company also had a subsidiary branch in that country.

Raven just nodded her head as an answer.

"Senior Choi, Nanny Rong, I'm with Raven so you don't need to be troubled that much. She has got me there. I'll make sure she's well protected." Sheena interrupted as she could no longer bear the sad atmosphere.

Raven was shocked that Sheena got admitted because the latter never told her that she even applied to the same school.

Sheena did mention before that she would love to apply and go there, but her family won't be able to afford the cost so Raven thought that like Yan, Sheena would also just stay in their country for her university.

Sheena informed her about the good news just yesterday and said that a close family member of her father will sponsor all her expenses abroad.

Although this was unexpected, Raven was so grateful since now she would not be alone facing her new environment.

Raven scanned the area one more time before bidding the elders goodbye.

Sensing that Raven must be looking for Jordan, Senior Choi spoke. "You know how busy that brat is. Go now, he is probably looking at us from just around the corner, you can never know."

Raven laughed and started to walk towards the passenger ent

rance, together with Sheena.

Once again, she looked back and waved goodbye to the two most important people in her life.

True to what Senior Choi had guessed, Jordan was really around the corner, looking intently at Raven.

He was quite late and chose not to show up because he didn't want them to see his miserable face.

He released a very deep sigh.

'Four years. It's just another four years.' He thought as if consoling himself.

Lou just observed the sad expression of his Boss. He wondered how long his Boss could actually wait and he couldn't hide his admiration for his boss' loyalty and patience towards someone.

Jordan and Lou were on their way out of the airport when a woman suddenly bumped into Jordan.

"Sorry. My bad." The woman apologized.

"No worries," Jordan replied then proceeded to walk to the car.

The womans' gaze never left Jordan. 'He was totally my type.' Lin thought while she stared at the man she had bumped into because she was too busy checking her chatbox on the phone.

"Daughter, welcome back! Come and give your father a hug." It was President Wang.

He noticed that her daughter was intently looking in a particular direction. He followed Lin's gaze.

She was looking at the man who was about to enter his car. He looked somewhat familiar even from afar.

"Oww, that boy is Jordan Choi, the only son, and heir to Choizen Group." President Wang blurted out.

Lin's eyebrow arched, "you know him Dad?"

"Dear, everyone knows that man. Even at his young age, he has unbelievably increased the profits of their group, and now they have several subsidiaries. You do know Choizen Group right? He is the Vice-Chairman and CEO. " Lin's father announced.

"Yeah, of course, that's one hell of a group that serves technologies worldwide." A wicked smile can be seen on Lin's face.

She had been staying abroad for most years of her life to study. And now she was back for good.

"How about I get him as your future son-in-law?" Lin asked his father with a wide grin but somehow that question was more like a declaration.

President Wang shook his head. Lin was a spoiled brat, being the only daughter in his family.

She had the temper to always get what she wanted by any and all means.

He wondered how his daughter would plan on making Jordan Choi his son-in-law.

From what he had heard, Senior Choi's son was very hard to approach.

All these years, he's not been involved with anyone even with their closest circle.

Although many were trying to hook the man up with an arranged marriage and had even used Senior Choi as a way to get him to agree all of them had failed.

He also heard that Senior Choi on the other hand did not interfere that much with his son's private life.

"What's with you creasing your eyebrows and forehead? Haha. Just wait and see. I will bring him home as your son-in-law by hook or by crook." Lin declared while she encircled her arms around her fathers'.

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