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   Chapter 16 Make It Tasty Enough For Him

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5895

Updated: 2018-11-26 14:04

Sheena was out to complete her admittance documents for school. She made sure that Chad accompanied her to prevent him from bothering Raven at the apartment.

"Let's grab lunch here." Sheena said while she pulled Chad's arm inside the restaurant just beside their school.

"Is Raven busy today? I thought she'll also go with you." Chad said while Sheena looked for the menu.

"Yes, she's quite busy today so it's better not to disturb her. What would you like to have? I will treat you." Sheena answered then looked at Chad.

"Hey, what's with your face? Are you that sad being with me?" Sheena waved her hand to Chad's face that looked absent minded.

Chad smiled noticing Sheena was glaring at him.

"It's not that. It's just…" He paused and somewhat hesitated to continue.

Sheena smiled wickedly getting the idea, "What? Don't tell me you are planning to confess your feelings to Raven?"

Chad reddened with the straight forward comment from Sheena.

"How did you know I like Raven?" He asked Sheena shyly.

"Duh you were so obvious. One glance with your actions and one can easily tell you like Raven." Sheena rolled her eyes while she answered.

"So Raven also knew?" Panic can be seen on Chad's face.

"Oh that one is exempted. Haha -- you should be grateful that Raven was slow into sensing people's emotions. Or maybe she doesn't bother at all because she had a higher priority than things like that for now." Sheena explained intentionally.

She cared for their friendship and she was sure that if Chad pursues Raven right now, it will make things between them uncomfortable remembering Raven's perspective the last time she opened something like this.

"Chad, I don't think it will be good to confess right now. Unless, you are w

pes. Her heart was racing with joy. She sliced some fruits and gave them sodas.

After dinner, Raven's mobile phone rang and it was a video call from his father.

"How was your day my big Raven?" Senior Choi happily asked but frowned when he saw Jordan walking at Raven's back to get water.

"Is that Jordan?" Senior Choi asked.

"Yes. Don't you know about his business meetings here?" Raven asked and almost jumped off from her seat when Jordan's face suddenly popped on her phone's screen.

He was leaning his chin on her left side shoulder.

His cheek was almost touching her cheek as he spoke, "Hey dad, did you forget? You told me to stay here at Raven's apartment instead during my business meetings here."

Jordan did not even blink at his father while he uttered the words.

While Jordan and Senior Choi talked, Raven's heart was palpitating so fast right now. She quickly got up and gave her phone to Jordan instead so the two can talk.

She went near the sink where Chad and Sheena were washing the dishes to get a glass of water.

'What is wrong with me?' She asked herself but shook her head instead and brushed off the irregular feeling away.

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