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   Chapter 15 Not allowed to get drunk and do something like this on any other men

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5977

Updated: 2018-11-24 21:34

When they are about to enter the elevator, Sheena suddenly stopped, "You go ahead first, I'll just buy something at the store to help her sober up."

Jordan nodded and entered with Raven. He had carried her like a sack of grain on his shoulder because Raven was getting out of control.

He opened the door and brought Raven inside her room. He put her down gently.

But she abruptly clutched her arms to him while her hands pulled his hair.

"Ooouuuch! Stop it Raven!" His loud protest made Raven to stop.

What happened next was so unexpected. Raven smiled at him as she cupped his face with both her hands.

She tiptoed because Jordan was taller and moved closer to search his face.

"Wow! You are really here big brother!" she said excitedly.

On the other hand, Jordan did not know if he will burst out in laughter because of Raven's childishness when drunk.

He tried to pull out her hands on his face but Raven just shifted her hands to his neck clutching into him like a leach.

Jordan froze because he felt Raven's body brushed against his.

'Not again!'

Panic struck him because he might not be able to control himself if this goes on.

He tried to push her but she just tightened her grip more and the worst part was she was trying to climb onto him like he was a tree.

With her eyes closed she shouted at his face, "I must reach the top and show that arrogant Jordan Choi that I Raven Lee was not someone he can trample on whenever he likes!"

Jordan brow arched, "What are you saying? When did I ever do something like that to you?"

Jordan was so astonished right now.

Because of Raven's reckless movements and continuous climbing, Jordan lost his balance and fell to the bed with her on top.

Raven who was feeling dizzy and nauseous was ab

your alcoholic blackouts won't put you in a compromising situation someday."

Sheena narrated what happened next to Raven after her memory black-out.

"Oh no, I will not drink anymore!" Raven declared still in shock of what she did to Jordan.

"Well, you still can but as long as you are here inside your house probably." Sheena commented subconsciously.

"No more alcohol for me even at home! What if I went out and just go with random stranger!" Raven can't still believe why she was like that when drunk, not remembering anything at all.

"Hmm you have a point. It will be better for you to avoid drinking from now on." Sheena declared happily. One mission considered accomplished without further effort from her side.

Then Sheena remembered something, "Ohh right I almost forgot. Jordan said he will be home for dinner before he left so cook for him."

"What!? Can't he just eat dinner on a fine dine in. You know I am not a good cook yet. What's up with him?" Raven suddenly felt nervous.

"Chill out, just do your usual routine -- haha. The only difference is you'll add another plate for your big bro. I'm sure he will love anything you cook." Sheena laughed loudly.

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