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   Chapter 14 I Want You

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Chad picked up the girls at the apartment at around 7:00 in the evening.

They tried one of the most popular restobar in the area. The place had innovative dining menu, noted for its fine seafood creations.

Chad searched for this place knowing how Raven was a seafood lover.

The tropical decor can't help but put you at ease. The girls started to order.

"Wow lobster bisque, crab cakes and sea bass with meuniere sauce. Let's try this." Raven was so excited seeing the menu.

The three had an evening drink afterwards. The live band and great jazz added to the sophisticated vibe of the place.

Behind the bar, a neon purple light forces drinkers into an existential exploration: "Have you figured out what you want yet?"

The question could send some into crisis.

Sheena jokingly looked at Chad beside her and said, "I just figured out what I wanted just now, can you guess?"

Chad raised an eyebrow and answered, "Hard drinks to knocked you down?"

Sheena shook her head then looked straight at Chad's eyes, "YOU!"

Chad caught off guard blew out the beer he's currently drinking from his mouth.

Sheena was enjoying how Chad reacted and laughed so hard. Then she commented, "that was so grossed man!'

Raven who was just observing how Sheena was teasing Chad got a napkin from her purse to pass at Chad who was so embarrassed to even look at her.

"Sheena stop that, why are you always picking up on Chad." Raven scolded her friend grinning while she drank her cocktail.

Sheena just shrugged her shoulder, "Chad loved my teasing, don't you Chad? What's wrong with wanting you?"

Raven shook her head, well there's nothing new. Sheena has been like that to Chad ever since and the latter seemed not bothered by th

uestion there behind your back, " Raven read out loud the question.

"-- Have you figured out what you want yet? -- YES I DO, and I want more drink, give me more will you?"

Raven continued to plead, while the bartender looked at Jordan.

Raven followed the Bartender's gaze and looked also intently at Jordan.

"Ow he's my Big Brother? Oops I forgot you don't want to be called like that. Hmmm. How about you Mr. Jordan Choi? Have you figured out what you want yet? You should try this cocktail. It's really good!"

Raven was almost stammering while she talked.

"Let's go home, you're too drunk." Jordan just shook his head and help Raven to get up.

"You haven't answered me yet. Have you figured out what you want yet? You should answer their magic question." Raven insisted.

Jordan moved closer as he helped her to walk steadily before whispering on her ear, "Yeah, figured it out a long time ago. I WANT YOU."

Raven looked at him and commented, "Stop it! That tickles!"

She unknowingly rubbed her ear irritably.

Jordan smirked and continued to help her to get out of the bar.

Sheena and Lou were already outside waiting for them.

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