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   Chapter 13 He was not insecure at all

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 5934

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"Sir, Wang Motor Corporation wants to set-up a meeting with you." Lou said as soon as he entered his Boss office.

With his hand was his Boss's favourite brewed coffee in the morning which he put on his table.

Jordan heard of that company. He looked at Lou while picking up his coffee.

"It's a multinational automotive manufacturer, headquartered here in our country Sir." Lou started to brief his Boss with the company's background.

"That corporation was not bad, let us hear what they want to offer. Make a schedule for them." Jordan instructed as he gazed back to the documents on his table.

Jordan heard a message tone. He then paused to check his mobile phone at the table. It was Sheena.

[Boss there's a problem.}

[Chad will stay in the country for a week to spend more time with us before the class started. But I will try my best to become the third wheel so don't worry.]

His eyebrows creased upon reading the message.

He knew that Chad was a long time friend of Raven but he sensed that the boy had something on his sleeve, a feeling towards Raven.

Chad had a good background, seemed to also have good personalities and good appearance he can say.

That was not the problem because he knew his own advantages.

He was not insecure at all.

The thing was the age gap difference.

Raven was still considered a minor so he can't even make his moves right now unlike that Chad who was of the same age as Raven.

And he had heard that there's a higher chance that love blooms and develops between friends.

And he was bothered about that.

"One more thing Lou, can you check again my schedule for this week?" Jordan asked his assistance.

Lou obeyed and dictated his current appointments for the week.

"Cancel them all. I'll be

he elevator.

Raven turned her head to face to her, "Huh? What about Chad?"

"I think he likes you." Sheena blurted out meeting Raven's eyes. She was also curious to know what Raven thinks and feels for Chad.

Raven poked her, "Hey! What's with you? Why are you asking something like that? Stop it."

Sheena was seriously looking at her, "No, I'm serious, what if Chad likes you or somewhat pursue you. We never know the future holds so just in case something like that happen what do you think about him?"

Raven met her eyes and answered in a serious tone, "I'm too young to talk about that. I think I'm a late bloomer okay when it comes to something like that. My priority for now is to graduate and no side lines especially with love life thing so stop that."

Raven added, "And don't you dare talk something like that about Chad. We are friends and I do hope it remains as that. Chad was just a nice guy so don't misunderstand or misinterpret his actions. It's just his personalities."

Sheena answered and just nodded, "Okay got it."

But at the back of her mind she thought how come Raven was good into almost anything but not at cooking and reading on people.

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