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   Chapter 12 Beach Vacation (4) How Manly I am

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The next day, all of them got ready for a day out in the sea and island hopping. Chad's family had a yacht arranged for them that they could use.

The girls shrieked and jumped in excitement when they boarded the luxury yacht and saw how meticulously everything was arranged by Chad for the entire day of enjoyment for everyone. They would all be going in the sea, fishing for a while then visit an island a little far from the beach house of Chad.

The yacht was huge and had few rooms in it added to the well-equipped kitchen and all the arrangements needed for the girls for their fun-filled day out. They started as soon as everyone boarded and when they reached into the deep sea area they started fishing with the help of the staff on the yacht.

When they caught enough fish, they headed for other destinations. They first arrived at Vigu Island. It was a small island and attracted a lot of tourists all year round. The clear blue waters of the island were teeming with exquisite marine life. It was home to dugongs, turtles, manta rays, and a few more species of fishes and coral reefs.

The group enjoyed the beautiful scenery and soon everyone prepared for a dive in the beautiful waters. Chad was assisting Raven with her diving gears when Jordan interrupted him.

"Dude, can you help me with this one?" he pointed at his diving fins. Chad smiled and came to help him immediately. What he did not notice was how Jordan's lips lifted slightly in form of an evil smirk.

Senior Choi who also had joined the youngsters just for some fun time with island hopping watched the whole scene and could no longer look at his shameless son…

Chad, Jordan, and the three girls went diving and the beautiful scenery under the water mesmerized them all. Raven saw a school of golden fishes and swam towards them. She went close to them and all the fishes scattered due to her presence and Raven's eyes widened with the kind of beauty this underwater world contained in itself.

She raised her hand to touch a few fishes and hold the small beautiful sea creatures in her hands… her face lit up and even though she was in the water, the happiness on her beautiful face could not be concealed. Unbeknownst to her… all her actions were captured on a camera secretly and that person didn't want to miss any chance of capturing important moments of her life in his camera.

They all took more than an hour in diving and exploring the beautiful fauna of the island and very soon they were back on their yacht to head to their next destination.

Their third and last stop was another small island which was surrounded by crystal clear waters, rock formations, and many small and a few high towering mountains also made the island look like a dream place. It was a very beautiful place and had enough spots to sit and have a great lunch together.

The chefs onboard the yacht had prepared excellent lunch for them all and even the fishes that they had caught were cooked. The enticing flavor of the fresh seafood and other delicacies as ordered by Chad made them all drool and as soon as the food was served, they all pounced on it and had a hearty meal.

A pair of eyes were constantly watching Raven and sometimes seeing her munch on her food with her mouth full and puffed up cheeks, that pair of eyes softened and when Raven laughed with her hair blowing in the air, those eyes were filled with heated desires for her.

Meanwhile, Jordan made it a point and he never left Chad alone. He chatted with the boy most of the time while drinking beer with him and asking for his company if he ever went to have fun with the girls.

The girls noticed that too and misinterpreted everything.

"What's wrong with your big bro? Does he like Chad like...that?" Sheena asked, rolling her eyes and raising her eyebrows meaningfully to Raven while observing Jordan's unnatural behavior.

"Didn't you mention before that he doesn't have any girlfriend, in fact, he n

ever had one up until now, right! We have never heard him or seen him court any girls before right?" Sheena still continued.

"So what are you trying to say? That my Jordan is a gay?" Yan couldn't believe what Sheena's been insinuating.

"Is it not possible? How old is he anyway? He should have been married by now you know! Yet, he is not interested in any woman, and just looks at the way he is sticking with Chad!" Sheena added.

"That can't be. Maybe he is just fond of Chad. You know how friendly Chad is. Anyone can like him in an instant. Besides, Jordan had been just too busy with the company the past few years to get any girlfriend or have time to court any girl." Raven couldn't help but immediately opposed the idea.

At the back of her mind, she was sure that Jordan was a straight person. Yes, maybe he was aloof to girls, didn't like to interact with any random girl he met but she was certain he was not gay. Somehow she does understand the guy. Inside that handsome man lived a caring son who grew up without a mother so most probably that's why he's like that.

Or perhaps he just wanted to choose his life partner wisely. He could be waiting for that someone... who could meet his high standards and criteria of the perfect wife.

It was not that she was not curious about who that lucky woman would be, as she knew whenever Jordan would get married the woman would not only be the mistress of the huge business empire but also would be cherished by Senior Choi and Jordan. She just hoped that he chose someone who could get along with her easily to avoid any mishaps in the future.

Raven's trail of thoughts was broken by Nanny Rong's excited screams to the group. "Come here and let's play charades!"

They all formed two groups. Raven with Sheena and Nanny Rong while Chad with Jordan and Yan. Senior Choi would give the word or phrase to each group that would be needed to be guessed by the other.

They played for a while and the score was 2-2 so Raven's group needed to guess this one correctly for them to win. Sheena was the one to act and she with Nanny Rong would be guessing.

Sheena frowned in protest when Senior Choi whispered the words but was left with no choice as the old man still did not change it.

Sheena began to act. She frowned then acted annoyed then somewhat she imitated Jordan's posture and cold face. Raven's still not convinced then Sheena acted like a gay, the same expression and gesture she did with her eyes when they were talking about Jordan a while ago.

Sheena looked intently at her and without hesitating at all Raven blurted out. "Jordan Choi."

Sheena shouted. "Woooaaww we won."

Raven and Sheena started doing the happy dance on winning the game and teased Yan and Chad.

Chad, Senior Choi including Captain Jim looked at Jordan with inquiring eyes, wondering what did Sheena mean by the way she acted? Their eyes seemed to be asking for an answer from Jordan.

The latter caught them all staring at him and all he could do was curl his lips and shrugged his shoulders. He behaved nonchalantly as if this was all just a game. But at the back of his head, there's a shout-out.

'Very soon… I will prove to you how manly I am, then you will beg me to have mercy on you and I will be the one enjoying your cries! How dare you think of me in such a way!'

He wanted to show his manliness right there and then, but then he didn't want to blow a small matter out of proportions and let it become a big deal. Moreover, he had no time to waste with unnecessary matters.

They all enjoyed on that island till the sunset and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the enchanting sunset, the saffron hue of the setting sun in the sea, and finally returned to the villa all exhausted and drained out after the whole day of having fun. They ate dinner while on the cruise and as soon as they reached back retired to their rooms and slept early as they all had a flight to catch the next day.

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