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   Chapter 12 The Mission

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Senior Choi coughs upon hearing Jordan's warning.

He smiled at Chad and was about to reply when he heard Sheena nags Chad.

"Hey what is wrong with you? Why would you even ask Senior Choi about that? Even if we are friends, it was still not proper for you to sleep here especially with the elders' perspective. "

"Besides you are very rich. I bet you had a mansion nearby to stay at so stop with your nonsense, " Sheena continued.

"Okay fine." Chad finally surrendered.

"Sir, I'll give the phone back to Raven. Sorry for asking." Chad said apologetically.

Senior Choi just smiled at the boy and checked his son who looked so gloomy.

Jordan was now checking something at his mobile phone.

"Father we will eat dinner now. When I return, I'll also cook your favorite foods." She said excitedly feeling confident that she was already better when that time comes.

"Okay big Raven. Eat well." Senior Choi waved.

Meanwhile, Jordan also interrupted. "Cook for me too."

Although surprised Raven smiled and nodded while she wave goodbye.

Jordan is on the phone right now. Based on the conversation he was having it's definitely the Somers Place.

"How come that place doesn't have a curfew for visitors?" Jordan grumbled.

Senior Choi arched again an eyebrow, "Son, Raven's place is not a dormitory exclusive for girls only. Besides you were the one who chose that."

"Who do you think is more suffocating now between us?" Senior Choi added mocking his son.

Jordan did not comment any more and rose-up to go back at his room for the document he still needs to check and review.

His father was right. He was the one who particularly chose that place knowing Raven will definitely love it. That place a

complain from the inside.

"Ahh okay." Raven answered.

Chad had to leave early against his will.

"Girls I'll call you. Let's have fun during my stay here before your class starts soon. Okay?" Chad said heading at the door.

"I will stay for one week, " Chad added before he headed out.

"I'll do the dishes." Sheena said to Raven when she saw her moved to clean up the table.

"What's up with you and Chad? You seemed harsh towards him." Raven asked.

Sheena just laughed and answered, "Aren't you used to us already? You know how I love to quarrel with that guy. I feel so alive!"

Raven somewhat was not convinced but do not push the topic further.

'My future depends on how I will make sure not to get you being involved to any guys.' Sheena wanted to tell that to Raven but chose not to.

A while ago, her head almost burst out hearing Chad will stay here for one week.

She sure dug her own grave.

She sighed deeply. She has a long year ahead and she wanted to cheer herself on this mission.

She once again looked at Raven.

'Oh crap, even I can fall in love with her.' She thought at the back of her mind jokingly.

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