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   Chapter 11 I will drop my position at the company

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"Nanny Rong, you call our big Raven now and show her what's for our dinner tonight, " said Senior Choi who was grinning widely.

He was sure his big Raven will drool seeing the meals. These were all her favorite seafood dishes.

Jordan who just arrived home heard his father and commented.

"Are you going to call her every day? For goodness sake, give her time to at least miss you and besides she might be busy buying groceries right now!"

Senior's Choi brow arched. 'How come this brat often gets on his nerve?' He ignored him and waited for Nanny Rong to call big Raven.

"Old Master, Raven said she will call us once she's back at her apartment." Nanny Rong said while holding the mobile phone.

Senior Choi asked, "Why? Where is she? It's almost dinner time. Tell her not to skip meals."

"She's with Sheena buying groceries at the supermarket." Nanny Rong replied.

'How the hell did he guess it right?' He thought as he looked to Jordan suspiciously.

"Did you call her already?" he asked.

"Why would I? I am not like you. You're suffocating." Jordan mindlessly answered while he sat at the dining table.

Senior Choi frowned, "Suffocating? As if I don't know what you are doing. I'm just more open unlike you who did things at the dark."

Senior Choi spoke the words with meaning while he looked intently to his son.

Jordan just shrugged off his father's statements and started to eat dinner.


"Father seemed to be missing me a lot." Raven commented after the line was cut-off.

"Yeah right, maybe he's not the only one who misses you." Sheena suddenly blurted out while her mouth twitched as she looked on her mobile phone.

"I think we have enough, common let's pay and go back." Sheena continued.

Raven just nodded in agreement. It's been fifteen days already since they arrived. Almost every day her father would call to check on her.

It's already dark when the girls arrived at the apartment. Raven saw a man standing at their door

"Is that Chad?" She asked Sheena.

They were walking at the hallway and about

ready left. After Jordan accepted the call he sat beside his father and get some fruits.

Senior Choi raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were busy?"

"I will just try the fruits." Jordan muttered.

Nanny Rong got up to get more fruits when she heard Jordan.

Senior Choi was still about to comment at Jordan but Raven already appeared on the television screen.

"Hi father. Oh Jordan is there…" Raven greeted them with all her smiles and waved with both hands.

"I am cooking dinner now. I have a guest. You want to see?" Raven continued while she moved her pace closer to show Sheena at the living room and Chad.

Chad waved also while Sheena become pale seeing Jordan in the screen.

Senior Choi spoke, "I see the boy Chad. What is he doing there?"

"Surprise visit Sir. Just wanted to check how the girls are doing and if their place was secure enough." Chad answered while smiling.

'Of course that was secured. I'm the one who personally inspected the place.' Jordan would like to interrupt.

"Oh that was sweet of you." Senior Choi commented.

Chad continued, "Sir, they have three bedrooms so I asked Raven if I could stay for tonight on the spare one."

"If you dare agree I will drop my position at the company and let you manage it on your own." Jordan murmured in a threatening tone, enough for Senior Choi to hear.

Senior Choi: "………………….."

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