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   Chapter 10 Beach Vacation (2) The Kiss

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Senior Choi did not bother himself with Jordan's reply and just let Raven and her friends enjoy the night.

"Raven, I think you've had enough. Look at your face it's so red." Chad said in a concerned tone. Raven already had almost three bottles.

"Hey Chad, why are you only concerned with Raven? What about us?" Yan jokingly said while she pointed at Sheena who was still playing with her guitar while singing.

Chad smiled shyly.

He had liked Raven ever since they met and he did love her in secret as they got closer and became friends. He just didn't have the courage to confess just yet because he was afraid to lose Raven.

He had witnessed what happened to all the boys who tried to court her. For now, he feels content being near her. But he will absolutely confess his feelings when the right time comes.

Raven was now singing with Sheena. She attempted to get up to dance but lost her balance. Chad immediately caught her and helped her up.

They didn't notice a tall man who looked gloomy as he walked towards them.

"Move!" Jordan ordered Chad as he pulled Raven away from Chad's arms. Jordan lifted her up and carried her in his arms. All others were stunned as they looked at Jordan, all except for Senior Choi.

"Son, you're here early I thought your flight is tomorrow morning." Jordan stopped and looked at his father.

"I told you not to let them stay up too late." Jordan looked at his father as if giving him a lecture before walking straight inside.

Nanny Rong looked at her watch and raised an eyebrow. 'It's just past ten in the evening. Is that considered late now?'

She shook her head as she quickly followed Jordan to show the way to Raven's room.

"I got this Nanny Rong. You can leave." Jordan said after Nanny Rong opened Raven's room. The latter nodded and left.

Raven wearily opened her eyes and saw Jordan who was gently putting her down on the bed. Feeling dizzy and sleepy she once again closed her heavy eyelids.

Jordan stared at Raven who was sound asleep.

The girl was indeed very pretty, with her long curly eyelashes, prominent eyebrows, pointed nose, and pouty red lips.

Her cheeks were glowing and reddish due to being drunk. Jordan touched her cheek as he slowly bowed down to kiss it. Then he shifted his gaze to her inviting lips.

Just looking at them seemed to be not enough. He no longer controlled himself and kissed her.

At first, he only intended to give Raven a peck on the lips, a goodnight kiss. However, Raven opened her sealed lips which drove him crazy. He deepened the kiss which was full of intense emotion and passion.

Jordan stopped when he heard a screeching sound at the door. It's opened a little. 'Crap! hadn't I completely closed it?'

Jordan who was now about to get up, once again looked at Raven but suddenly froze.

Raven's eyes opened. She raised both her hands and held his face to look intently at it. Then she pinched and stretched Jordan's

cheeks left and right and smirked crazily.

"Huh? Woahhh. What a nice dream! I should add a slap instead. Hehe" She said unconsciously before shutting her eyes one more time and fell into a deep slumber.

Jordan released a deep sigh before getting up. "Goodnight little Raven."


The next morning, Raven's head was severely aching.

'How come my tolerance isn't good? I practically only finished two bottles.'

She heard a knock at the door. "Yeah, come in." It was Nanny Rong with a cup of hangover tea.

"My child, drink this, it will help with your headache. Breakfast is ready." Nanny Rong said as she placed the cup on her bedside table.

"Okay, I'll be down shortly. Thanks." She smiled and winked at the old lady.

Raven hurriedly took a shower and dressed up in her swimwear, quickly putting on just a tube summer dress on top that she can easily take off at any time.

She was too excited about taking a dip in the crystal beach just at the front of the villa.

"Hey, girl how's your head?" Sheena asked. The two girls were sitting at the dine-in area ready for breakfast. Chad and his father were also there chatting.

"Morning father. Chad." She greeted smilingly and kissed Senior Choi's cheek before sitting.

"Nanny Rong's tea has done an amazing job. Let's go swim after this."

"Oh yeah father, will Jordan arrive today?" Raven asked after suddenly remembering that Jordan's flight was today morning.

Senior Choi raised an eyebrow. "Don't you remember what happened last night?"

How come his little Raven was so ignorant about something so obvious?

Senior Choi shook his head and justified things since Raven was just seventeen...

Raven was about to ask again but stopped when she saw Jordan walking towards them in a casual outfit, just a loose shirt paired with beach shorts.

"So hot!" She heard Yan beside her whisper. The two girls giggled. Raven remained silent as she couldn't beg to disagree with Yan.

"Shhh, you two behave yourself, okay you know how prim and proper that one is," Raven recalled that one time when they were watching a movie of their favorite male group at their house, they often screamed whenever the scenes used to focus on the faces of their crushes.

They did not notice that Jordan was around them and heard him annoyingly speak, "How come girls these days are too bold and loud?" before leaving.

Yan and Sheena looked at each other, they almost forgot about that incident, they chose to stay quiet and eat instead.

The girls rushed to the beachfront after breakfast.

Raven took off her top. "Wow! you are so sexy!!!" Yan was wide-eyed as she searched Raven's body. "How dare you possess a body like that at seventeen? Do you want to make us look like a backdrop?" Sheena jokingly said.

Raven just laughed and struck a pose while Yan took various shots. She wore a yellow swimsuit, a sizzling lace-up one-piece in the front, and a bikini in the back.

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