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   Chapter 9 Theme Park (3) – She’s a Competitor at Wealth

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Updated: 2018-11-16 09:28

Raven did not experience any traumatic experience before. She actually doesn't know why she's afraid of heights. Whenever she's on a higher spot and looked down, she will get frightened and always assumed she will fall automatically.

Her balance was not also good even at high staircase and she hated that.

But now she seemed fine with Jordan around her. She felt somewhat secured.

Once again, she experienced the heart palpitations but this time it's because of Jordan's intense stares and closeness at her. It's definitely not because of the acrophobia.

She smiled at him and fixed her posture. "Thanks. I think I'm good."

She tried to disregard the feeling and shifted her eyes to look at the breathtaking view of the entire theme park and the surrounding areas of province from the top of the Ferris wheel.

"That's good." Jordan replied seeing Raven smiled at him. 'She's so cute with her dimples appearing like that.' He wanted to pinch those cheeks and kissed her but restrained himself.

'What would she think of me?' The sudden thought crossed Jordan's mind. He should be mindful and take steps slowly given of their age gap.

Jordan was already twenty seven while Raven was turning eighteen this year. They had a nine years age gap.

He loosened his embrace to Raven and fixed his posture as well. Although quite perplexed, Raven did not utter a word with the sudden released of Jordan's arms from her.

After the Ferris wheel, Jordan and Raven seemed to become awkward with each other. Senior Choi frowned as he observed the two.

'What the hell happened? I thought that will help them to become closer?'

"Father I think we better go back home now. There's no more friendly attraction to ride at except for those extreme ones." Raven suggested.

"Wait let us try one more last ride. I saw a swan lake around the corner from the top of the Ferris whee


So from that day on the 'FOSTER CHILD' became her nickname to all employees under their company.

Well, that's okay with her since it's a fact and she don't care on what others think of her as long as she had a clean conscience. Besides, she doesn't have any greed with her father's company at all.

Again, all that matters to her was she was treated and loved like a real daughter.

However, she must admit that she was really hurt with Jordan's actions because one thing was clear…

Jordan doesn't like her at all, he hates her. That only explained all his disagreement for accepting her to his family legally.

Like in the movies or series, she's a competitor at wealth not only to Jordan's eyes but to everyone's eyes eventually.

She's witnessing how important the company was to Jordan. He's a workaholic person. You might even think he was married to the company.

No wonder he's overprotective on it.

At his young age, he almost managed it beyond comparison.

Raven was so startled when Jordan's hand suddenly touched hers. "Hey, what are you thinking?" He asked her without blinking.

"Nothing much. I'm just happy that we got to spend time like this." She said earnestly.

"Me too..." Jordan smiled sweetly at her.

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