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   Chapter 6 Beach Vacation - Day 3 Can you at least be stricter

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"Oops sorry..." Raven said and do not even bother to look at Jordan as she sat on the beach chair.

She grabbed a snack instead and turned to her father who was sitting on a beach chair at her side. She failed to see how gloomy Jordan looked right now.

"Father, aren't you going to swim?" Raven asked totally ignoring Jordan who sat on a beach chair beside her.

"Later I will." Senior Choi answered while he rose up and checked his mobile phone. He noticed his son was holding a towel.

"Is that for Raven? Brat you are so logy, go on and give her that." Raven looked at Jordan who handed her the towel.

"Thanks." She said while still not in the mood and continued to eat.

Senior Choi shook his head. 'So slow!' He thought as he looked towards his son who was still uneasy.

Senior Choi took various photos of the group and mostly of her daughter Raven. He was saving this for future use.

A wide wicked grin can be seen on his face while he looked at his phone. His mind was busy thinking on what favors he can asks his son with each photos.

Raven once again backed into the water and now together with Chad.

'Son you should enjoy. What's with your unpainted face?" Senior Choi can't help but comment.

"What's up with you? Why would you let her wear so little like that? She's almost nude!" Jordan asked Senior Choi back instead. Then he heard Jordan called his assistant on the phone.

In just ten minutes Lou arrived with paper bags in his hands containing various rash guards.

"I will call Raven here and you give this to her! Can you at least be stricter?" Jordan scolded his father before leaving him and went towards to Raven.

Senior Choi was left with his mouth opened in dazed. He saw Nanny Rong approaching.

"Nanny Rong, how dare that brat order me around? Is he the father or I am?"

Nanny Rong: "......"

"Raven, father asked for you." said Jordan as he went into the water

y for them to win. Sheena will be the one to act and she with Nanny Rong will guess.

Sheena frowned in protest when Senior Choi whispered the words but left no choice as the old man still did not change it.

Sheena began to act. She frowned then acted annoyed then somewhat she imitated Jordan's posture and cold face. Raven's still not convinced then Sheena acted gay still looking intently at her.

Without hesitating at all she blurted out. "Jordan Choi." Sheena shouted. "Woooaaww we won."

Chad, Senior Choi including Captain Jim looked at Jordan with inquiring eyes.

The latter just shrugged his shoulders. But at the back of his head there's a shout out.

'I will prove you soon enough how manly I am then!'

The next morning, they went to the airport for their flight back. All of them enjoyed their vacation and still loud inside the plane during the travel.

Raven, Senior Choi and Nanny Rong were picked up by their family driver while Jordan and Lou went directly to the company.

Inside the car, Jordan immediately instructed Lou.

"Oh yeah right Lou. Look for an Island and purchase one for me. I want the whole Island and have someone to prepare plans for a house and landscaping. Have them on my desk by tomorrow."

"Noted Sir." Lou answered.

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