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   Chapter 4 Beach Vacation - Day 1 I told you not to let them stay up late

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Raven, Nanny Rong and Senior Choi headed at the airport. Jordan had an important meeting so he can't fly together with them.

After an hour the plane landed. Chad was already waiting for them at the greeting area.

Raven already mentioned to Senior Choi that they will stay at the beach villa owned by of one of her friends.

Chad approached them with a big smile. He extended his hand to Senior Choi and Nanny Rong. "Hello Sir I am Chad. Hi Ms. Rong." Senior Choi accepted the young man's hand.

Senior Choi nudged Nanny Rong who was still mesmerized by the young boy's handsome face.

Raven laughed. "Father, Chad was one of my closest friends at school. He suggested that we stay at his family's beach villa. He's our host for four days."

Senior Choi and Nanny Rong looked at each other. The same thought was roaming in their minds.

They arrived at the villa and met her other friends, Yan and Sheena.

It's a private luxury villa on Lain Island and the white sand beach at front is very captivating. A pool is also available. The villa had ten bedrooms.

Chad showed each of them their respective rooms.

"Oh you must be tired with the travel. You should settle in and rest for a while." Chad said before shifting his gaze to Raven. "I'll see you later."

Raven and Nanny Rong assist Senior Choi first in his room.

"Little Raven, is Chad your boyfriend? Are you hiding something from us?" Raven rolled her eyes before answering.

"Father, he is just a close friend of mine like Sheena and Yan." Raven said while arranging Senior Choi's clothes inside the closet.

"Why do I meet him only now? You were bringing Sheena and Shay in the mansion but not him besides, you never mentioned him before." Nanny Rong was continuously shooting her with her gazes.

Raven laughed. "Stop it you two. I told you already we are all friends. I won't get into a relationship yet and have never thought of that. Don't worry okay. You two will be the first to know once I decided to have a boyfriend."

Raven never thought of anything like that. She was too focused in her studies that she didn't even entertain any of her suitors. She was direct and never let them to distract her. Every confession she received previously was turned down automatically.

Their itinerary for four days was already set. Today after resting, they will have a barbecue dinner party.

At night they all gathered outside. Chad had everything prepared. Senior Choi and Nanny Rong were not convinced with Raven's statement and intently monitoring the interactions of the two.

Chad seemed to be a good boy. Senior Choi as a man can easily tell that the boy had his eyes on her little Raven. 'Who wouldn't be?'

Then he thought of Jordan. 'Where the hell is that brat?'

"Nanny Rong, you check on Jordan and ask when he is coming. Give him the details of this villa." Senior Choi instructed Nanny Rong.

"Oh yeah get my mobile phone inside the room. I will take some photos of Raven with her friends. There are some great views in here." Senior Choi grinned as an idea came to his mind.

"Father what do you want me to grill for you?" Raven asked as he approached her father who was just observing them.

"Anything is okay with me little Raven." Senior Choi smiled at her as he patted her head. "You will be on your own for several years. We will not see each other more often by then." Senior Choi's eyes suddenly saddened when he suddenly thought of Raven's leaving.

Raven held Senior Choi's hand. "Father I will be coming home during school breaks and we can talk every day via video call I promised." Raven winked at her father.

Chad walked towards them with a plate of various barbecue foods in h

is hand. "Sir, I'm not sure what you preferred so I put a variety here to choose from." Chad smiled at Senior Choi and put the plate on the table beside him.

'The boy knows how to woo. Not bad at all.'

The dinner was good. Sheena and Yan took out the alcoholic drinks as they plan to get drunk the whole night.

Senior Choi shook his head. "Nanny Rong, how nice it is to be young again." He was happy looking at her little Raven who was enjoying the bonfire while drinking with her friends. The group sat around the fire and talked about the crazy, funny and wild stories of things that happened in their past years.

Nanny Rong and him just listened on a comfortable chair opposite the kids.

Senior Choi noticed that the boy Chad was always attentive to Raven compared with the other two girls. He always stayed beside his little Raven.

Once again, Senior Choi took his mobile phone and gets another shot. This one was better as he smirk. In the picture, the boy Chad stared at Raven closely with full of admiration.

He already sent several photos and he received no response. Let's just see how long you can last brat. Senior Choi let out a clever laugh.

Nanny Rong at his side: "....?" 'Crazy old man.'

Jordan's important meeting finished at about seven o'clock in the evening.

"Sir your flight tomorrow morning is at seven thirty. All your things were ready. Where would like to eat dinner tonight?" His assistant asked him.

Jordan is now checking his phone when various photos sent by his father popped out. His face frowned as he read his father's message with the last picture.

[Son, I think this guy is a suitable boyfriend for our little Raven. He seemed to be a good boy. He was very attentive and sweet to our little Raven.]

"Lou change it. I will leave tonight. Book me the next flight now." Lou quickly obeyed sensing the irritation on his Boss' voice.

[Stop your nonsense and act your age. Don't let the kids to stay up too late!]

Jordan replied to his father.

Senior Choi: "...."

He did not bother his self with Jordan's reply and just let Raven and her friends enjoyed the night.

"Raven, I think you had enough. Look at your face it's so red." Chad said with concerned tone. Raven almost had three bottles.

"Hey Chad why are you just concerning yourself with Raven. How about us?" Yan jokingly said while she pointed at Sheena who was still playing with her guitar while singing.

Chad smile shyly.

He liked Raven ever since they met and do loved her in secret as they got closer and became friends. He just doesn't have the courage to confess yet because he was afraid to lose Raven.

He witnessed what had happened to all the boys who tried to court her.

For now, he's contented being near her.

But he will absolutely confess his feeling when the right time comes.

Raven was now singing with Sheena. She attempted to get-up to dance but loose her balance. Chad immediately caught her and helps her up.

They didn't notice a tall man that looked gloomy as he walked towards them.

"Move!" Jordan ordered Chad as he pulled Raven away from Chad's arms. Jordan lifted her up and carried her in his arms. All were stunned as they looked at Jordan except for Senior Choi.

"Son, you're here early I thought your flight is tomorrow morning." Jordan stopped and looked at his father.

"I told you not to let them stayed up too late." Jordan looked at his father as if giving him a lecture before walking straight inside.

Nanny Rong looked at her watch and raised an eyebrow. 'It's just past ten in the evening. Is that considered late now?'

She shook her head as she quickly followed Jordan to show the way on Raven's room.

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