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   Chapter 3 Admission Letter

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"My child! The letter is here!" Nanny Rong excitedly announced while she rushed to the garden.

Raven was playing chess with her father when Nanny Rong handed her the letter. Senior Choi looked at his little Raven who at that time seemed to be oblivious and just stared at the letter.

"Come quick and opened it." Nanny Rong said impatiently.

"Give it to me and I will read it first. Looks like our little Raven can't handle the suspense." Senior Choi slightly laughs still looking at the girl. 'His little Raven looked tense.'

Nanny Rong immediately passed out the letter to Senior Choi while Raven still not said a word and just observed her father opening the letter. Senior Choi read it quietly.

"Old Master is it good news?" asked restlessly by Nanny wrong who looked more eager.

Senior Choi showed an exasperating face. Nanny wrong twitched her mouth. "Old Master is it bad news then?" Nanny wrong asked again while holding her breath.

Senior Choi in silence begun to speak.

"As I've told you before little Raven, there's so many good schools here in our country. You don't have to study abroad. Why even bother yourself and choose to leave an old man here behind?" Senior Choi looked intently at his little Raven.

It's true that he preferred her to stay here with him. He can't count on how many times he tried to discourage her to study abroad when she opened up her intention to him. Little Raven would like to pursue her study to at the top world-class university.

She wanted to be independent, that is four to five years staying on a country by her own. But still he did not disagree, as he wanted little Raven to do what she thinks is good for her future. Whatever her decisions are, he will always support her little Raven.

After seeing his father's expression and hearing his comments, Raven's shoulders dropped assuming that she was not accepted.

Senior Choi suddenly blurted out.

"Nanny Rong, who do you think little Raven is? My little Raven of course passed. This letter is confirming her admission to the university." Nanny Rong's mouth was wide opened as she shook her head. The Old Master is still as naughty as ever. Then she looked at Raven who jumped up on her feet now to approach Senior Choi.

"Really father is that not another joke? Let me see!" Raven scanned the letter and suddenly hugged Senior Choi as tight as she can.

"I passed! Yeyyy! I made it!" She almost choked her father.

"Yeah you did it little Raven but please don't kill me until I have seen you get married and have kids." Senior Choi jokingly said as he faked a coughing sound of choking.

Raven was so happy. This was her dream university since junior high.

"We have to celebrate then. What do you want to do little Raven?"

"I'll treat you for dinner father tonight. What would you like to eat?" Raven asked Senior Choi happily.

"Nanny Rong, call Jordan. Tell him to clear his schedule and that little Raven will treat us to dinner tonight."

Raven almost forgot about Jordan. Well, it would be better if Jordan could make it.

She can't help but frowned a bit, ever since Jordan started working at the company, she barely sees him at home. Or most of the time, he will come home very late that all people in the house were already sleeping soundl


It's been five years...

Being close with him as a brother became very difficult since Jordan became so busy at the company and she hasn't got the chance to show him her sincerity at all.

But she does really try to pacify his hate towards her. She believes Jordan might have thought of her as a competitor for the company or father's wealth. Although her first love is to study about Business Administration and get involved in the company just to help her father and Jordan but nothing more.

In the end she chose to apply for her second choice, Film and Visual Studies, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Whenever they will see or run through each other, they would just casually say their greetings.

Things just get awkward between them. Or maybe at her side since she knew he hates her.

Senior Choi, chose his favorite dine in place, a well known restaurant at the garden. The ambience is very cozy and good.

'Thank goodness she saved a lot from her allowances.' Raven thought as she scans the prices. Senior Choi gave her an unlimited card to be used and her own savings account. But Raven never really spend that much. She still keeps a low profile. She just buys what she usually needs and avoids spending on things that she wants but unnecessary.

The food is about to be served, when a tall man in a suite entered. Although in a suit, you can still see how masculine the man was. He had a proud and very eye catching aura. In short, he looks striking wherever he is and you will easily recognize his presence.

"Here comes my workaholic kin."

Raven looked at Jordan who walks dignified towards them. She has

"There, you sit beside Raven." Senior waved to Jordan. The latter obeyed. She Senior Choi looked at them carefully then smiled with the satisfaction.

"Raven will treat us since she's been accepted to her chosen college school abroad." Senior Choi continued.

"I see, that's good. Congratulations. When do you plan to leave?" Jordan asked her.

Raven: "..?...."

'What the heck? Of all the questions, why asked her when she will leave? Does he wants me to leave as early as possible to get me out of his sight sooner?' Raven would like to bet that Jordan would even celebrate on his own when she already left the country.

"I will be leaving one month before the class starts. So I can familiarize myself first." She replied and looked at him as he carefully cut his steak.

When he heard no response Raven looked at Senior Choi and said, "Father I will be going to a trip this summer with my closed friends to celebrate. It's a four days stay. Would you like to come with me?" Raven asked while looking at Senior Choi then she shifted her gaze to Jordan.

"It would be great if you can join us. Getting stuck up in the office most of the time is not good to your health. You should unwind sometime." Raven told him sincerely.

"Okay I will try." Then he suddenly exchanged their plate and gave her his steak instead.

"Take mine, you like it well done right. Mine was well done. I'll take yours. It looks just a medium cooked to me. I want mine that way."

Senior Choi who is just observing his son gave a meaningful grin as he cut his own steak…

'This brat doesn't even care or bother to help cut a steak for his own old man.'

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