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   Chapter 2 She Will Never Become My Sister

The Brother Who Hates Me By Eustoma Characters: 6155

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Raven was excited as she carefully chooses a gift for Jordan on his graduation day. Although it is challenging for her since Jordan almost got everything.

In the end, she decided to buy him various neckties since he will be entering now one of the biggest companies in their country, a multinational conglomerate. Over the next two decades, the group diversified and entered the electronic industry, construction and shipbuilding industries. These areas had driven its subsequent growth.

The company has increasingly globalised its activities and electronics; in particular, its mobile phones and semiconductors have become its most important source of income.

That company was founded by Senior Choi, her foster father.

Yes, she's a foster child and she was grateful that Senior Choi was her foster father. He treated her well like his own daughter. Even well than Jordan and that was probably why Jordan hates her at most of the time.

She came to know the truth when she was six years old. Jordan doesn't want to be called brother at all and clearly stated that she was not his sister.

As she grew up, she gradually understands the situation by the help of Nanny Rong.

She promised to herself that she will return all the kindness and mercy of Senior Choi. She will be a good daughter to him and also a good sister to Jordan as well.

All she did was to act normal like a daughter and a little sister to Jordan, carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, affectionate and sociable and she do like to make them laugh. Jordan was always there protecting her from the bullies at school.

Everything actually went well these past few years.

But lately, she felt Jordan became aloof to her and she actually don't know why.

He rarely talks to her now. She can't remember exactly when it started but she was sure something was wrong.

She even recalled all events through her mind to double check if she had done something to displease him. But there's none.

Upon her arrival at the house she just greeted and kissed her father. Then she hurriedly went upstairs to her room. She got her sewing kit she was using at school. They were also teaching them how to stitch properly at school and she was actually good at it.

She bought twelve neckties and stitch Jordan's initials beautifully in each bottom.

The ancestral House was very lively where the party was held for Jordan's graduation.

It was a grand party and all guests from all high society were wearing formal attires.

They all wanted to greet the only son of Senior Choi, heir to one of the most powerful company in the country.

Nanny Rong helped Raven to zip her dress for the party. She wore a halter high-neck long formal dress and mesh net overlay in blush pink with double slits that emphasize her creamy smooth skin and slender body.

At the age of twelve, she can stand-out already among others because of her good physique and beautiful face. She was often teased by her classmates pertaining to a well-known figure of speech and a snippet of 17th-century poetry that refers

to Helen of Troy. 'The face that launched a thousand ships'

She just applied a face powder and a lip balm. Nanny Rong stared at her after fixing her hair upward in a neat bun. "Wow, my child is really gorgeous. How much more you will become when you reach the right age of being a woman." Exclaimed Nanny Rong as she admired Raven's pretty face.

At the party, her father called her to introduce to some friends. It was known to others that she was a foster child but it was not a big deal at all. Besides, her real father David had a good reputation as a reliable Attorney in the country as he was also the former head of legal counsel for Senior Choi's group that time.

When she saw Jordan was already alone, she excused herself from her father to walk towards Jordan.

"Hello. Congratulations." She handed him her gift and gave him a hug.

She was about to kiss him on the cheek when he suddenly moved backwards and just smiled at her. "Thank You." He said and immediately went to entertain the visitors.

"You are welcome." Raven's face was crumpled as she said that in thin air.

She just focused on the food and eats to her heart's content.

"Slow down my little Raven." Senior Choi sat besides her grinning. Raven rolled her eyes. "Father I am not little anymore. Can't you see how tall I am now?" She complained while she continues eating.

"You will always be my little Raven regardless of how big you will become." Senior Choi humorously said pertaining to her eating a lot right now.

"What's wrong why are you so worked up with the food? Can you even finish all that?" The old man said pointing his nose at the plates on the table with various desserts and heavy meals.

"Hmmmp, I will still be pretty even I got bigger." She just blurted out while continuously eating the cake. Senior Choi just laughs. He will not beg to disagree on that.

Raven was on her way to the nearest restroom in the garden when she suddenly stopped.

She heard a group of people talking near the restroom. It's Jordan with his male friends. Raven was about to leave just to go upstairs and to use another restroom when she heard her name was mentioned in their conversation. So she stood still.

"Hey Jordan, your so called sister was really cute." The man said, who is Larry one of Jordan's classmate.

"Yeah, I bet she'll be more beautiful when she's a full grown-up. Five to eight years from now? I heard she' just twelve. Can I court her when that time comes?" Chen jokingly said as he looked teasingly at Jordan.

"Oh right, you should agree for your father to adopt her legally so I can also ask my mom to arrange my marriage to her in the future. You know how strict my mom is when it comes to birth rights." added Chen still grinning.

"Shut up both of you! She will never become my sister and I will never allow that to happen!" Jordan said seriously in an angry tone.

Raven who got upset upon hearing Jordan's word ran away upstairs to lock herself in her room. Tears were flowing from her eyes. 'Why does Jordan hated her that much?'

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