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   Chapter 632 Rachel Was So Sad That She Could Cry

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"Summer!" Jonny called out excitedly.

Jonny grabbed the girl around the waist from behind to stop her from crossing the street. The girl turned around in astonishment. But up close, he could see the girl wasn't Summer. He frowned in disappointment.

The girl now turnded around with surprise and a bit of concern. She smiled and her eyes suddenly brightened at the sight of Jonny. She then quickly asked, "Sir, is something wrong? Maybe I can help you."

"I'm sorry, Miss. I thought you were someone else," Jonny said apologetically. Jonny took his arms off her, and she walked away.

The street was bustling with people darting to and fro, trying to get to their destination. A few people were walking by themselves, talking on their cellphones. Some walked two or three together in a group. Jonny craned his neck to scan as many people as he could but failed to see the familiar figure.

Jonny hung his head sadly. His phone started ringing, but he wasn't up to answering it. He let it ring until he trudged to his car, only then did he look at the Caller ID and answer the phone.

"Hey Jonny, it's Sharon. Long time no see! How are you? I was wondering if you were free tonight. Will you come out and have dinner with me?" Sharon asked.

A call from Sharon was not what Jonny needed right now.

Sharon thought to herself, 'It's been way too long since we last saw each other. I miss him so much. We've known each other so long, it is not the time to give up trying to win his affections yet. I'll just die if I can't be his girlfriend.

And anyway, Jonny said earlier that he only liked Summer as a sister, not in a romantic sense. So I still have a chance to win him over. When it comes to Jonny, Summer and I are the same. I'm willing to compete with Summer to get what I want.'

"Sharon, I'm sorry, but I've been super busy lately. I haven't even eaten any lunch today. Let's get together another time. I have some errands to run now, so I have to go," Jonny replied, trying to hide his impatience.

Then he called Aunt Miranda to see if Summer was at home.

"Hi, Jonny. I'm sorry. Summer isn't home right now. She called me two days ago to tell me that she wanted to go with a bunch of her classmates to an internship in another city. So it is sweet of her not to let me worry," Miranda said.

Miranda tried to remember the city Summer was going to, but her memory failed her.

"OK, Aunt Miranda, thanks for the information," Jonny replied. Jonny hung up the phone and huffed with frustration. He cradled his head in his cupped hands and thought, 'Summer really never intends to contact me, does she?

But even so, what about Winter?

Why doesn't Winter contact me when she regains her consciousness?'

Jonny thought Summer just needed some time to process what had happened between them. After all, since Jonny and Summer had sex, he couldn't very well regard her as just his sister anymore.

But as the days had passed by and turned into weeks then months, Jonny still couldn't find her.

Gradually, half a year passed with no sign of Summer.

Jonny's phone rang. "Hey, Jonny, are you busy? Squee! I have an exciting news! I'm finally going to marry Simon,"

Joyce said with a smile on the phone.

"Oh my gosh! Congratulations, sis! I'm not surprised at all that you fin

bout her empty nest.

"Uncle Hiram, Aunt Rachel, Joyce and I have decided to get married this year. I hope to get your approval," Simon said firmly.

He had waited to speak until they were halfway through their meal.

Rachel paused mid-bite, her hand clinging to the chopsticks. Hiram paused, too, then gently hugged Rachel. They looked at each other.

"Well, now that you have decided to tie the knot, we respect your decision," Hiram replied calmly. Hiram was not surprised at this announcement.

He held Rachel's shoulder, stood up and walked her into a room next to the dining room.

Rachel burst into tears and hugged him as tight she ever had. She thought, 'Hiram is the only one who can accompany me in my whole life.'

"Sweetheart, just cry. Let it out. We know that Joyce will get married at some point in the future, and right now, you aren't able to accept it. But it's okay. I know how sad it must make you feel. I hope you will learn to be happy about it soon," Hiram said soothingly.

He sighed deeply close to Rachel's ear.

"Honey, I know. I have made a psychological preparation for this matter earlier. But I still feel sad when I really heard that Joyce will get married soon," Rachel whispered to Hiram. She took a breath, and wiped her tears with Hiram's sleeves. She buried her head in his arms, refusing to lift it.

She was afraid her tears would never stop flowing if she did.

"Honey, it is normal for any mother to feel sad when her daughter gets married. But even if Joyce gets married, she is still our daughter. Don't forget our other boys. When they grow up, they will get married too. Then we will have two more daughters. For now, just imagine that we will have another son," Hiram said softly, comforting her with his smile.

Looking at the slightly obvious wrinkles around Rachel's eyes, Hiram sighed and said to himself, 'Time and tide wait for no man.'

But Hiram also felt blessed that he had found such a wonderful woman to share his life with.

He felt it was an honor to accompany his beloved Rachel until the day death parted them. They had been through a hell of a lot together, and he was amazed at how their bond grew stronger every day.

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