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   Chapter 631 It Was An Accident

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Summer blinked against the morning sunlight, her head was thick and dizzy. As she moved to sit up she felt a sharp ache in her side. 'What happened last night?' She remembered Jonny bringing her home. And after that...

She was jolted out of her reverie by a sound from the bathroom. After a few seconds of frozen shock, she began to climb out of the sheets to investigate.

A second later, however, she changed her mind and pulled the covers back over herself.

Confused, Summer rubbed her fingers across her forehead. 'Did something happen last night?' she wondered.

A smashing sound erupted from the bathroom, making Summer jump with panic.

In the bathroom, Jonny closed his eyes. He clenched his fist on the broken mirror and let the blood run from his knuckles. The floor was littered with glass shards, each reflecting his fragmented form back to him between the ribbons of blood. He looked into the face of one of his many scattered reflections. The eyes were bloodshot, but they betrayed no pain.

"Jonny! What are you doing?!"

Summer hastily threw on a robe and flew into the bathroom. She stopped short when she saw the gory scene before her, until her eyes found Jonny's bloodied hands and she left out a shocked breath. Disregarding the shards of glass all around her she rushed to him, taking his hands ever so softly in hers and surveying the damage. "Jonny...what's going on?" "Come, sit down with me and I'll dress the wound." Summer tried to guide him gently out of the bathroom.

"I'm fine, Summer."

Jonny pulled his hands out of her reach. When his eyes opened, Summer noticed how dull they looked, as if some internal light had dimmed. He turned on the tap with his uninjured left hand, and began to clean his wound. Then he took some tissue and gingerly pressed against the wound to slow the bleeding.

"What do you think you're doing? There is no way I'm letting you dress your wound so carelessly. I'm going to get the first aid kit and help you. There could be glass fragments in your hand!" She took the blood-soaked tissue from him and threw it into the trash. Then she hurried out of the bathroom, whilst Jonny stood there silently.

She was back a few seconds later with the first aid kit. She took out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a tweezer and some cotton, and began to dress his wound.

But Jonny broke free from her grip.

"Summer Fang, answer my question. Did you plan all this with Joyce last night?" Jonny asked coldly, unable to look her in the eye. He clenched his fist, not caring that it would cause more blood to well out from the wounds.

Summer was startled. She froze at his question with the alcohol-soaked cotton ball in her hand, and asked, "What do you mean? Plan what? And with Joyce? Joyce and I did not plan anything. What would make you think that we did?"

"What do I know? How is it possible that you would know nothing about this?" Jonny grabbed Summer by both arms, and she was alarmed at how rough he had suddenly become. He was so different from the gentle Jonny that he used to be. The man right before her now looked frightening, like a total stranger.

Summer trembled, shaking her head to assure h

ng her. She continued, "Jesus! Is that what you said to Summer that night? That it shouldn't have happened? Don't you know how sensitive she is? Do you have any idea what kind of effect that could have on her?"

Jonny opened his eyes and said bitterly, "Fine. when I get off work, I will go and find her. As for Summer and I…mind your own business, Joyce. You've done enough."

Every time he closed his eyes, images of that night flashed into his mind. Something had made him behave so strangely that night. He hadn't been sure if it was Summer or Winter that he was holding, and yet that doubt hadn't been enough to stop him. The body in his arms had been eager and passionate, and yet trepidant, and unsure. He couldn't forget how he had felt. How she had felt.

He knew he shouldn't think about that, but his mind kept returning to that dark place.

The reason that he hadn't looked for Summer was that he was afraid of what he might find. He had no idea what effect she would have upon him, and he wanted to be in as calm a state as possible when he saw her face to face.

Would he still treat Summer like a sister?

Had he been supressing his feelings for her because Hiram didn't like her?

After work, Jonny got in his car, and set out to look for Summer.

He drove tirelessly up and down the streets of H City. He tried to think of places that he might find her, and that was when he realized that he knew nothing about her. Summer was a stranger to him. He didn't know who were her friends, what were her hobbies, or where she liked to go. He had no lead that he could follow to try and help him find her.

Jonny ended up wandering around the city, stopping every now and then to check his cell phone. Perhaps there was the slightest chance that she had posted something online, anything that could give him the smallest clue of how to find her.

His mind was preoccupied when suddenly, through the rear-view mirror he spotted a familiar figure crossing the street amongst the crowd.

He hit the brake immediately and swerved to park alongside the pavement, hoping to catch her before she left.

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