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   Chapter 630 Jonny, I Want More

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"Summer! Summer!"

Suddenly, Joyce took initiative and shook Summer who had leaned on the table with her arms, and let out a sigh. Joyce knew that Summer didn't indulge in drinking often, so it was no surprise to her that she got drunk so quickly.

Joyce picked up the mobile phone on the table and gave Jonny a call.

"Oh, good! Jonny, Summer got drunk. Please come here to pick her up!"

"Joyce, let Summer stay with you tonight. It's too late now," Jonny said on the phone.

Joyce didn't agree with her twin brother and responded, "No way. I have an appointment with a friend later. Please come and pick her up. Otherwise, I will have to leave her alone here, and she doesn't seem like she's used to being drunk."

Hearing this, Jonny had no choice but to say, "Alright then, I'm coming over now." Jonny made a compromise for Joyce.

After hanging up the phone, Joyce glared at Summer, who at this point was bending over the table. She then touched her chin with her hand and gave a sly smile.

After a while, Joyce thought to herself that Jonny would arrive at the house soon. She then poured the medicine she had bought in a glass and stirred it into the water to blend properly. Then she helped Summer to sit up straight and said, "Summer, here...Have some water."

Watching Summer drink the glass of mixed water without any suspicion at all, Joyce felt relieved, took the empty glass from her and put it back down on the table.

As soon as she did that, Jonny opened the door and walked inside.

"Joyce, why did she drink so much tonight? She doesn't look so good..." Jonny asked.

"Oh, are you asking me why did she drink to get drunk? Well, I think you know the reason all too well! She got drunk because of you!"

Joyce replied, looking at her brother who was hard to be angry at, as he was just as handsome and charming as their dad. She picked up the glass of water on the table and passed it over to Jonny saying, "Here, have some water. I'm glad you came here in such a hurry."

Without thinking too much about it, Jonny took the glass from Joyce and continued to drink the water. He would trust his sister anyway. Then he put the glass down on the table and said, "I'm planning on going home tomorrow to pay a visit to grandma, dad, and mum. I haven't seen them since I came back. Please, will you come with me?"

"I'm afraid I can't. I have something important to do tomorrow," Joyce said with a meaningful smile on her beautiful face.

She thought that she would probably be embarrassed to see her brother after today.

"Fine then," Jonny said and lifted up Summer who was still bending over the table.

Joyce opened the front door and went out first to


Summer felt a sudden strange and inexplicable desire for oranges.

Jonny thought about her request for a second and remembered the housemaid had bought some a few days ago.

"I will go get you some now." Then he stood up and left the bedroom.

After a few minutes, Jonny returned with two oranges in his hands. He placed one of them on the table and passed the other to Summer.

"Could you peel it for me, please? I don't know why, but my hands are feeling so heavy." Summer blinked her eyes at Jonny as she was lying on the bed on her stomach, looking at him intently.

She was telling the truth. Being drunk, she didn't feel like she had any strength at all.

Jonny proceeded to take yet another long breath to suppress the lust stirring in his chest. He then took one of the oranges calmly and started peeling it.

After he peeled the orange, she opened her mouth wide.

Jonny furrowed his eyebrows slightly and placed one piece inside of her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and rolled the orange into her mouth.

Summer bit the orange. The juice started running in her mouth immediately. It was sweet and tasty.

Summer put out her tongue to lick the orange juice around her lips, looking satisfied and with lust at Jonny.

"Jonny, I want more!"

She said and looked at the rest of the orange in his hand with anticipation.

Jonny took another piece with his fingers and brought it closer to her glittering lips. He watched her pink lips press down on the orange, accidentally touching his fingertips.

His eyes grew darker. Suddenly, he raised her chin with one hand and bent over to kiss her lips.

All of a sudden, her scent, mixed with the sweet smell of the orange, flooded into his mouth.

... The passion felt in the room, was strong and tempting.

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