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   Chapter 628 Innocence

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The two men turned their eyes to the treatment room almost simultaneously. They looked silently at the girl who was standing at the door.

They couldn't be sure whether she was Winter or Summer, so they just waited for her to start the conversation.

"Excuse me. What are you doing? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" the girl asked curiously as she walked to the sofa chair.

"Hey Luther, you're so handsome. I choose you as my doctor. You should feel flattered. But don't push your luck. You are not allowed to hypnotize me anymore. Okay?"

she said again while sitting on the chair cross-legged.

For the sake of Jonny, she agreed to accept the hypnosis this time. But there was never going to be a next time.

This was obviously Winter's style. Luther heaved a sigh of relief and replied with a grin, "Okay, thank you for your cooperation this time, Winter. And thank you for your trust!"

Feeling a little thirsty, Winter picked up one of the apples on the table and began to eat. Then, she turned her eyes to Jonny who was sitting directly opposite and was looking at her at that moment.

Before the hypnosis, Luther had told Winter that her personality and Summer's could actualize mutual integration after active and effective treatment. By then, she could make a full recovery. However, it would also mean that Winter might disappear. Anyhow, as long as Jonny could be happy, she would like to cooperate with the doctor.

She knew that her relationship with Jonny was doomed to fail.

"Let's go home," Jonny said as he stood up and stretched out his hand to her.

Upon getting out of Luther's clinic, they immediately got into the car going home. Winter turned to Jonny, who was on the driver's seat and said, "I don't want to go back home yet. Can you drive me around?"

"Okay, sure," Jonny replied gently, looking at Winter with a smile.

Then they drove to the highest and biggest Ferris wheel in H City.

When the Ferris wheel reached the highest point, Winter looked excitedly at the twinkling night scene under their feet, and exclaimed, "It is so beautiful up here!"

Suddenly, Jonny hugged her from behind, his eyes fixed on her and said gently at her ear, "Yes, it's beautiful. But it appears very dull in comparison with you. You're the most beautiful woman in my eyes!"

Since they got on the Ferris wheel, Jonny had never taken his eyes off Winter. With the most beautiful and charming girl next to him, he

m back with her eyes closed, and savored his lips.

As she was indulging in his kisses and intimate body contacts, Jonny stopped abruptly.

"What's wrong with you?"

Winter asked while panting and looking at the man on top of her.

He got off Winter. Jonny, then, took a deep breath to compose himself. Later, he pulled down Winter's clothes and covered her with the quilt. He brushed his messy hair and sat silently at the edge of the bed.

He noticed that Winter's cigarette case was on the table. He took one cigarette and lit it.

Confused by Jonny's behavior, Winter sat up and hugged him from behind. "Tell me, what's going on?"

Jonny held her hand and said, "Winter, you are not just you. You're also Summer. I love you, but that doesn't mean I love her as much. Can you understand what I mean?"

Winter didn't know how to respond to him. She was glad to hear that he loved her. But at that moment, her bitterness overcame her pleasure.

She knew what Jonny meant. She and Summer shared the same body. If Jonny had sex with her, how should he face her when she became Summer.

"Jonny, are you sure you don't have any feelings for Summer?" Winter asked with some hesitation since she felt pain in her heart for Summer. She could sense Summer's feelings in some way.

Jonny shook his head and replied, "I have always been treating her as my sister."

"Then, I have a question for you. If I disappeared one day, or my personality was integrated with that of Summer's and we became one person, would you like her?"

Winter said seriously while staring at Jonny with her sparkling eyes, and waited for his answer.

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