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   Chapter 627 Did He Trigger Winter's Appearance

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Jonny called her name anxiously. He looked at her and couldn't help but blame himself. He was so eager to muster her inner courage that

he forgot that Summer was not Winter. Haste makes waste.

Winter opened her eyes slowly. She looked around and then at the man holding her. "Jonny? Where am I?"

A touch of tenderness flashed in his eyes when she called him.

"Winter, do you feel better?"

Winter rubbed her shoulders, wondering why they were so sore. She sat up and asked, "Why am I here? What happened to me?"

Jonny pressed her in his arms tightly and said with a sigh, "Nothing. You suddenly fainted."

Winter had a feeling that he was keeping something from her, because she remembered that she had heard him calling her 'Summer' just a few seconds before she gained consciousness again.

" knew about everything? Since when?" she asked.

He changed so quickly, so she guessed he must have known her secret already.

Jonny closed his eyes, still holding her tightly.

"Yes, I have known about it," he answered.

Winter pushed him away and smiled bitterly. She brushed her hair with her hand and took a deep breath. "Then, you should already know my choice, right? I'm not even an independent woman, a real person. I don't deserve you!"

Winter said, looking at her dress. If she didn't share the same body with Summer, she would never have worn such a dress. It was a kind of waste of her hot figure to hide under those conventional dresses!

Her eyes suddenly brightened when she saw the motorcycle parked not too far away. She ran toward it and rode on it and drove over expertly.

Seeing she had ridden on the motorcycle, Jonny walked over too, and asked, "You want to play a game, eh?"

With that, he waved to the staff who immediately brought a black and blue racing motorcycle over to him.

"Fine! Even though you're the president of Streams Company, you won't be able to beat me at racing!" Winter said confidently. She gave Jonny a smirk as she buc

Jonny frowned.

Luther nodded and said firmly, "Yes! It's you! In fact, Summer is not that weak. She knows her own mind very well. But because of the scar from her childhood, she would always try to withhold her feelings until she gradually forgot what she looked like originally.

Winter is the real original appearance of Summer. But I don't understand why and when Summer suddenly released her other 'self'. Maybe you could give me the answer to that?"

Jonny didn't know what he meant. He thought for a while and asked, "You mean I was the trigger for Winter's appearance?"

Snapping his fingers, Luther said, "Correct! You're so smart!"

"But why? I don't understand,"

Jonny asked.

Luther shook his head with a smile and said slowly, "After several treatments, I found Summer to be somewhat resistant to external harm except... to you. You must have said or done something to her and hurt her feelings badly by accident.

That's why her deep self-abasement was triggered and Winter suddenly appeared."

Jonny frowned. He couldn't remember from when Summer began to alienate him. 'Did Winter appear since...' he thought.

After a short while, he vaguely remembered what he had said inadvertently to Summer three years ago.

"What are you chatting about?"

Suddenly, the door of the treatment room was pushed open.

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