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   Chapter 626 I Will Be With You To Face It

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"But don't you want..."


Jonny cut off her words because he knew what she was about to say. "Yes, I want her back. But that was only in my dreams. I know that bringing her back will just bring you harm and trouble.

I have no right to put you on such ordeals.

You should think more about your welfare rather than sacrifice for the benefit of others," he continued.

Jonny left the dining table and went back to his room as he noticed the silence amidst them after uttering those words.

Summer was left alone. She sat sulkily in front of the table, staring at the enticing and mouthwatering dishes served. Now she had no appetite. The mixed emotions she felt in her heart seemed to creep through her tongue confusing her taste buds. Was it bitter, sour or sweet? She couldn't tell.

She loosened her grab of the chopsticks and gently placed them on the empty plate. Summer regarded the view outside of the French window. The night was dim. People were going home from a busy day, and road lamps were left alone standing on the streets. They seemed desolated and sent out weak streaks of light.

After dazing for a while, she stood up and was about to put away the dishes and the plates.

Just then, a servant walked over.

"Miss Summer, leave them to me. You can go and take some rest," the maidservant said.

She looked at her with a thankful smile and handed over the dishes and plates from her hands.

Summer went to the room Jonny prepared for her. She was amazed at the sight of it the moment she opened the door. The pieces of stuff in the room were feminine in style, including the bed sheets and the quilt cover. Walking towards the bathroom, she noticed that all the bath and grooming items on the shelf were brand new.

She didn't know, however, if Jonny had prepared the room for her or Winter.

Closing her eyes, Summer mustered up and managed to fake a smile. 'Summer, you should be optimistic and brave to face the current situation. Take things slow, one step at a time. Don't exert too much pressure on yourself, ' she told herself.

After the incident between Winter and Kelvin, she found it improper to continue living with her foster family. Thus, it would be better for her to stay in this haven for now.

Besides, she would have the chance to see Jonny every day. This would be enough to make her happy, wouldn't it?

As the night turned deep, she was still wide awake. Maybe because she was getting herself accommodated to the new place. She lay on the bed, turning and tossing for several times. Hours passed. Then she decided to get out of the bedroom because she really couldn't fall asleep.

She headed towards the kitchen to have some water. To her surprise, she saw Jonny sitting on the sofa of the living room.

He sat quietly, sipping some wine from a wineglass. He was deep in his thoughts but it was hard to tell what he was thinking about.

"You can't sleep too?" Summer asked.

She took out a wineglass from the wine cabinet a

t through one by one," Jonny said in a gentle voice while looking at her. He noticed that the expression of her face betrayed her fear. He knew she was so anxious about the matter. All he could do was be with her along the way.

They stopped by the park where a motorcycle was waiting for them. Summer stared at the tall and bulky motorcycle. She took several steps backward at the sight of it, and her knees trembled at the idea of riding it.

If it was the smaller type, she might dare to try. But it was not. Even the bravest of girls wouldn't dare to ride on it.

"Come on, take it easy. Get on it. I'll ride it first and help you get on." As he spoke, Jonny gently threw a helmet to her.

Summer caught the helmet and made a slight gulp of air, then looked at the 'fearful giant item' timidly. After getting on it, she couldn't control her fear. She couldn't help but hold on to Jonny's waist tightly.

"Ohhhhhh my goooooooooddddd..."

She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Jonny drove so fast that she felt the strong winds blowing her ears. This made her hold on to Jonny tighter and didn't dare to move a muscle.

"Jonny, can you drive a little slower? !"

Jonny raised his eyebrows and glanced back at her. Winter rode it way faster than him, and he seldom rode a motorcycle. So for him, it was slow and steady.

Summer sensed that he intended to go fast in purpose. It was too much adrenaline rush for a girl who was always timid and felt that speed for the very first time. The landscape flashed past quickly as they made their way, which made her heart pound faster and faster...

She imagined it would be an embarrassment for her if she woke up in hospital.

However, Summer was so scared that she fainted eventually. The breath-taking speed was just too much for her to take.

"Summer? Summer!"

Sensing that something was wrong, Jonny abruptly kicked the brakes. He stopped, and hurriedly grabbed hold of her body which was slowly slipping down the motorcycle.

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