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   Chapter 625 Living Together

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Walking back to the living room, Jonny found Winter lying on the sofa and already fallen asleep, with one of her legs still dangling on the table.

Sighing softly, Jonny picked her up and brought her into her bedroom.

Winter looked like she was half awake when Jonny put her down on the bed. She snorted unconsciously and held onto Jonny tightly. Looking at the woman in his arms, still acting stubborn towards him even while she was asleep, a faint smile appeared on Jonny's face. All he wanted to do was hug her for a little while longer.

After hesitating for a while, he finally put Winter down. Feeling how chilly it was in her room, he was afraid that she would catch a cold.

He covered her body with a quilt. Jonny then took a seat on the edge of her bed and looked at Winter with nothing but love and compassion in his eyes.

Although she was being watched the whole time, Winter was unaware and thus slept soundly through the night.

The next morning, Summer yawned heavily and stretched her body out before opening her eyes.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man sitting on her bed. She suddenly sat up and screamed in fright. Rubbing her eyes out quickly and taking a closer look at him, she found that it was Jonny and felt at ease right away. Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself down but still looked extremely shocked.

"Jonny? Why are you here?! This is my room!"

Jonny had stayed up all night to look at Summer. Upon hearing her words, he answered, "I was just coming to see whether you are doing well. I felt the need to apologize to you, for my momentary impulse yesterday. I hit you, and I admit that it was my fault. I couldn't just leave it at that without apologizing to you."

Thinking about it for a while, Summer replied with a smile, "Really? That's nice that you were concerned about me... However, I don't even remember what happened yesterday."

She pretended to be innocent in his presence.

Regardless of her innocent act, she did indeed remember Jonny hitting her yesterday. However, she had no memory about anything that happened thereafter, including the reason why Jonny was in her room.

There was only one possibility Summer could think of.

Winter had brought Jonny back to their house.

"Stop acting, Summer. Don't you know by now that I have already figured out everything? I know that Joyce found a psychiatrist to treat your schizophrenia. Don't tell me that Joyce hired the doctor for herself,"

said Jonny, as he put his crossed leg back down on the floor. He had just figured out the whole scenario after last night.

After thinking about it for a long time, it was easy for Jonny to make a clear assumption. Besides, the fact that he was a genius, also simplified the matter for hi


"Your resignation has not been approved, Summer. This is the key to my house. Winter is my girlfriend, so you should come back to my house after work, as per usual."

Jonny expressed himself clearly. He was still hoping to see Winter every night.

Summer shriveled on her bed after Jonny had left. She didn't know whether she was supposed to be happy or sad. She thought about the whole thing for the entire day.

As soon as it got dark outside, she went to the Water Palace.

Jonny had already returned. Upon seeing Summer, he said, "It's time to have dinner. I asked the chef to prepare us all of your favorite dishes."

Sitting at the dining-table, Summer picked up the spoon awkwardly. She didn't know how to act in front of Jonny.

She felt as though she was needless. 'How nice it would be if I was Winter. If that was the case, there would've been a smile on Jonny's face right now.'

"You will stay in the room opposite to mine, and the bathroom on the left is prepared for you," said Jonny while eating his food.

Summer bit down on the spoon and looked up at Jonny, saying embarrassingly, "Jonny, I'm not sure whether she will come out each night. What if...What if she doesn't show her face?"

Looking at Summer, Jonny paused and put down his spoon.

"It's better that way then. You will recover if she disappears."

"Perhaps. But what about you?" Summer continued to ask.

Looking at her, Jonny said with a heavy sigh, "Summer, I hope you can think for yourself every now and again. Others' mood is less important than yours, and you should be mindful of that.

I will invite Luther over tomorrow to give you a well-rounded treatment. However, you have to stay here during your entire treatment."

Upon hearing his words, Summer dilly-dallied for a while. Then she was just about to ask another question.

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