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   Chapter 624 I’ve Thought It Over, How About You

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That afternoon, on the motorcycle race track, the riders gathered together and took their places.

At the sound of the gun, all the motorcycles dashed for the final line, roaring along the track.

Soon, a red motorcycle quickly drew ahead of other riders and was heading to the final line first.

"Wow, awesome! Come on, Winter!" Joyce cheered on her lead.

She and Luther arrived there right after Winter did. They were standing with other viewers and boosting the morale of the riders.

As she was at a distance from the race, Joyce took out her phone, turned on the camera and zoomed in to watch. She would have jumped down on the track to bang the drum for Winter if she didn't come here secretly with Luther.

"Luther, what's up? Is everything alright? You seem to have something bothering your mind," Joyce curiously asked when she noticed his serious expression.

Luther shook his head and responded worriedly, "Winter is completely different from Summer. She is too publicized, unconstrained, and will do whatever she wants to do. They are both extremes. And the more different they are, the more difficult it is for them to become integrated into one."

Joyce didn't comprehend all the things Luther said, although he sounded reasonable.

Summer was an ordinary girl, but Winter was too well in the personality aspect. She was passionate and crazy about the things she loved. It was almost impossible for Summer to become her overnight.

Winter took the lead on her motorcycle on the rough and rugged mountain path. All other male riders felt ashamed but admired her for her courage at the same time.

Meanwhile, not far away from the race track, a group of people was investigating on the field.

"Mr. Rong, they're holding a motorcycle race over there. We'd better keep the distance. It's too dangerous to get close," one of the managers stepped forward and said to Jonny.

Jonny made no comment. He never intended to join in the fun and watch this kind of game.

They were standing on a clearing since it was one of the places they visited today. Streams Company was planning to develop and construct various new projects. Jonny walked around because he wanted to inspect the area and learn more information.

A moment later, when he decided to walk to his car to leave, a red motorcycle caught his eye by accident. He moved to it unwittingly.

"Mr. Rong..." the manager called him from behind. He followed Jonny over there since he was unable to stop him.

Winter got to the final mark first and won the race. She was

lips could touch his face.

The next second, he grabbed her waist and pulled her nearer.

"I've thought it over, how about you?" he asked in a low voice.

His eyes were fixed on her. Winter could feel his warm breath.

She looked at his good-looking face. Then, she suddenly gave a hiccup out of tension. She covered her mouth with her hand immediately while she tried to clear her mind.

"Answer my question, now! Did you think it over?" Jonny continued. Then, he took her hand from her mouth and then raised her chin with his hand, forcing her to look into his eyes. They were so close that he could see himself reflected in her eyes.

Winter shook her head as she looked at him with her misty eyes. She, then replied, "I'm drunk, Jonny. I don't think I can give you a decent answer right now. How about tomorrow? I'll give you my answer as long as I'm sober enough."

"No, I want to hear your decision now," Jonny refused.

He knitted his eyebrows and waited for her reply.

"Okay, I'll give you ten minutes. I'll be waiting here for your decision," he suggested.

Jonny let go of her and left her alone in the bedroom. He walked around in her place while he waited.

The room was too small for him to take a walk inside, so he went to her study. He took a book from the shelf and read it to keep himself entertained.

When he noticed the name written on the first page, Jonny felt his heart skip a beat.

His hands trembled slightly for a moment. He found his eyes slightly teared up. Afterward, he touched the name on the book, took a deep breath, closed the book and put it back.

He tried to calm himself down. Eventually, he turned around and walked out of her study.

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