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   Chapter 623 ·The Attending Doctor

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Summer got out of Streams Company, she wanted to go somewhere far from that place. But she was so dazed that she didn't know where to go.

Ice-cold tears trickled down her cheeks and obscured her vision. Eyeing the endless flow of cars and buses along the street before her, she felt utterly lost, with a turmoil of thoughts in her mind.

"Hello, Summer? Where are you now? Are you free? Would you mind coming here, I've found an internationally renowned Chinese doctor for you. He's an expert in the field of psychology,"

Joyce said over the phone as she happened to call her at that point.

Upon hearing her voice, Summer couldn't hold back to her emotions. She whimpered and replied, "Joyce..."

"What's the matter, Summer? Are you okay? Did somebody hurt you?" Joyce asked with concern, hearing Summer's sobs.

Summer braced herself and wiped off her tears, "He...he hit me just now. He said that I have no right to mess with his life..."

She didn't bother to suppress her emotions. She needed to find a shoulder to cry on, to let it all out. An outlet to let whatever she is feeling right now flow out of her system.

"What? Who? Jonny? That brat! How dare him lay his hand on you! I'll talk to him! How could he do this to you?" Joyce roared with rage, "Summer, where are you now? I'll pick you up! Just wait for me, okay?"

Half an hour later, Summer caught glimpse of Joyce's car.

Joyce hastily got off the car and slammed the door.

If not for Summer's resistance, she would have gone to Jonny and confront him for his actions. However, she was convinced and dragged back to her car by Summer.

"Joyce, don't be troubled! Don't blame him. He was just in a bad mood,"

Summer mumbled, "Joyce, I totally got his point. All these years I've never seen him so head-over-heels with a girl. He had never been this serious. Winter, however, was different. She was the first woman who turned Jonny's world upside down. He cared for her so much, as much as she cared for him too. They were so in love with each other.

He was so vexed with me for interfering with their relationship. I broke them apart. I have put an end to their happy ever after. I wish he could just blame it all to me so he wouldn't feel sorry for himself." Her face was blank as she stressed her point.

Joyce pulled her into her arms and patted her shoulder

le contemplating her face.

Joyce nodded. "Yes. Does that surprise you?"

Luther coughed, deeming that the respective dispositions of Summer and Winter were just poles apart.

"Hi, I am your attending doctor, Luther Lu."

Winter turned to him and gave him a charming smile. "Oh, you! The attending doctor..."

Suddenly, she shoved Luther out of way and with one quick move darted towards the door.

"Winter! Where are you going?" Joyce hastened to chase her. "No! Winter! Stop! We need to talk before you leave!"

Winter had opened the door, she turned around and waved back at Joyce. "Next time! It is rare for me to get out during the day time, I couldn't wait to breathe in the fresh air."

Joyce turned to look at Luther in panic, "Luther, what shall we do?"

"Don't worry, when I hypnotized her I attached a tracker on her shirt. We will follow her and see where she visits, and what she does. I couldn't work out with the treatment until I had full knowledge of Winter,"

Luther said, with a reassuring smile. He had anticipated the incident to happen. He was a step ahead of Winter.

Joyce breathed a sigh of relief.

Outside Luther's clinic, looking up at the clear sky, Winter stretched herself and felt better. She thought that the heat of the sun was far better than the air at night.

Her eyes ablaze with excitement, she beamed and whistled along the way.

Then an idea came across her mind when she was trying to think of a way to make good use of this beautiful day with beautiful weather. "Aha! Motorcycle racing," she thought.

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