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   Chapter 622 You Have No Right To Meddle With My Business

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The following day, the winds blew the curtains by the window. The chills played a soft tune that caused the busy birds to chirp on the branches they sat on.

The sound woke Summer up, she had a severe headache. The temples of her head were throbbing with pain. Nausea and the agony were heightened at the sight of the messy table on which there were beer cans, cigarette butts, and a piece of paper.

She stood up and picked up the paper. There were words written on it. She picked it up and read, "Summer, you were right. I'll be too selfish if I insist to be with him knowing that I'll just hurt him.

I've made up my mind. I'll just give up on him.

I can't give him the happiness he wanted, but I know you can."

Summer set the note aside and rubbed her temples. She assumed that Winter had broken up with Jonny.

She poured herself a cup of warm water and took a sip. Rolling up her sleeves, she started to clean up the table.

After cleaning the mess, she washed her face and heated a cup of milk. When she noticed that the clock struck eight o' clock, she hastened to drink the milk and changed her clothes to go out.

Since Jonny had already come back, Summer thought that she should be at work by this time.

When she arrived at the company, she found Bruce was nervously pacing to and fro outside the office of the president.

"Summer, thank god you're finally here." Bruce walked towards Summer at the sight of her.

Summer wailed over and asked him with confusion, "Bruce, what's wrong? What happened?"

Bruce stole a glance to the direction of the office and hushed Summer. He led her away from the office and replied, "I don't know what happened. He acted strangely, I've never seen Mr. Rong so enraged before. I sensed something different the moment he entered the company.

He's supposed to have a meeting later. But he ordered not to disturb him this morning and cancelled all his appointments. I don't know what to do.

Summer, you've known him since you were kids. Could you do something to change his mood, please?" Bruce looked at her with a pleading earnestness.

Summer pondered for a second before nodding her head. Slowly and hesitantly, she made her way to the office.

Then she knocked on the door and said, "Jonny, it's me, Summer. Can I come in?"

She waited for him to respond.

"Yes! Please come in", he replied in a rasping voice.

Summer took in a deep breath and opened the door. No one was seated on the desk. When she turned her gaze towards the sofa, she stiffened.

Jonny leaned against the sofa and the la

slapped Summer in the face really hard.

Summer was taken aback with shock. She looked at Jonny with disbelief pressing her hand on her swollen face. She couldn't believe that Jonny just slapped her.

He slapped her for a woman who didn't even exist.

Jonny was also surprised that he slapped Summer. But his surprise was overpowered by the hate he felt towards Summer. His eyes went red and said in a deep voice, "How many times will I remind you not to meddle with my business? Especially my personal life! Even Joyce my own sister can't interfere with my decisions. Yet here you are! Who do you think you are?"

Summer covered her swollen cheek with one hand and her heart was in fierce agony.

She was so hurt by Jonny's behavior, but his words upset her even more. They were like thorns piercing her heart. "Okay, Jonny. I'm sorry. I have no reason to stay any more. I will resign, now."

Summer sneered coldly and turned around to walk out of the office. She needed to go as fast as she could to escape the torment.

"Summer!" Bruce called Summer when he saw her out of the office. He was surprised at how Summer looked and he felt guilty.

He had known that Jonny was in a rage, he shouldn't have asked Summer to talk to Jonny. He thought Jonny must have deviated all his anger on Summer.

Jonny watched Summer leave the office. He was staring down at his hand, the one he slapped Summer with. He couldn't believe what he had just done.

Noticing the strands of hair on the floor, he bent over to pick them up and held them in his hand. They belonged to Summer. Jonny pulled them out on purpose when he kissed her earlier.

He thought to himself, 'Summer, I wish you were not lying to me.'

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