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   Chapter 621 I Never Thought Of Marrying You

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Jonny stood, startled and irritated. It took him several minutes to collect himself, then he turned around and walked to the door.

When he got there, he saw out of the corner of his eye a beautiful shadow getting off a motorcycle and running straight toward him.

"Sorry. I'm late!"

Winter apologized, as she gave him a squeeze.

"Come on in. It's windy out here." They walked inside. Jonny, pulling her into his arms, closed the door behind them.

Winter put her arms around his neck, gently kissed his cheek and said, "Are you mad at me?"

When she saw all the missed calls from him on her phone, she figured she'd better make a visit in person instead of just calling him back.

But he still looked like he was angry, or at least put off by her presence.

Jonny peeled her hands off him and stared at her with an evil eye.

"Winter, who are you really?

Before you lay low because the Jade Palace was looking for you. But what now? Why didn't you answer any of my phone calls? Are you playing some mind game with me?"

It was painfully obvious that Jonny's trust was on thin ice with her and his doubt ran deep. How could he know what other things she was keeping from him?

"Jonny, what's going on? I'm Winter. You know me. I'm always misplacing things. Sometimes I even forget where I have left my phone. Sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Winter put her arms around his neck again, pouted and hoped he would accept her apology.

Jonny stared at her for a while and let out an exasperated sigh. "Winter, to be honest, sometimes I really doubt if you're real."

He'd felt her flesh, so he knew she was real.

But she seemed to exist in this world almost as an apparition.

"I don't understand. I'm standing right here in front of you. Don't you see me? Touch me and tell me if I'm real!"

Winter took his hands and brushed them against her face. She stood a tiptoe so she could look him in the eye. "Jonny, I know we just met, but I feel I have known you for a long time. You feel so familiar and warm. Do you feel the same way?" she asked.

"I really, really like you. Believe me, okay?"

Jonny gazed at her in silence. He didn't seem to realize he had already fallen deeply in love with this beautiful woman. Yet the mystery surrounding her had gnawed at him.

He slowly bent his head and pressed his lips to hers.

He wanted to believe she was real, in the flesh. He wanted a taste of her authentic soul. Maybe a kiss would separate her from the part of her who seemed so surreal.

Winter could sens

just yet. I want to play the field and be able to date who I please. Right now, I'm just looking for a man to be my boyfriend, to fool around with, for fun, you know. You're just not that man, Jonny. You're tender and kind, but I'm not ready for that yet."

Winter took off her helmet and smiled at him. "Sweet Jonny, president of the Streams Company. I know there must be tons of women who would die to merely hold your hand. You don't have to act so humbly for me."

His face heavy with grief, Jonny pursed his lips. He looked at this stubborn woman in front of him, her hair ruffling with the night wind.

"Winter, please don't do this to me. I'm very serious in my relationships. I can change whatever you want so I can make you happy. Just one more thing, Winter. Please don't break up with me whenever you feel upset, okay? I can fix whatever is upsetting you."

Winter sighed in defeat. She pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pocket and tried to light one, but the wind was so strong that the lighter kept going out.

A tall shadow moved over to block the wind for her. She then lit the cigarette that was stuck between her lips.

"Jonny, let's just take a few days to calm down, okay?" Winter said as she inhaled.

Jonny looked at her in all her beauty, then nodded his head.


Winter then dropped the cigarette onto the ground and stepped on it to snuff it out. She looked at him and said, "Well, see you around."

She started the engine and took off.

Jonny stood in the wind, longingly gazing at the direction she headed, even after she had long disappeared.

When he finally turned around and started to leave, he saw the half cigarette she left on the ground.

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