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   Chapter 620 Who Was She

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 12369

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"Summer, are you okay?"

Jonny asked, his voice laced with concern. Summer couldn't bear the worry she heard in his voice. She shook her head, unable to meet his eyes.

Contrary to her actions, she said, "I'm fine, Jonny."

Joyce was sitting next to Summer. She cast a quiet glance at Summer's downcast eyes. Her fingers were bunched into fists, folded onto her lap. Joyce reached out a hand to one of hers and said, "Jonny, I don't think Summer should go back to the family. It would be better for her to stay with us, don't you think?"

Even before Jonny was able to reply, Summer shook her head adamantly at Joyce's words. She could feel the warmth emanating from the other girl's hand which comfortingly placed over her own. The genuineness of it brought her conflicting feelings.

"Thank you, Joyce. I truly appreciate your concern, but I have my own place to stay at now. I can't keep on relying on you and your family. I wouldn't want to be a bother."

Joyce sighed to herself. 'What was Summer thinking? Here I was giving her a great chance to be with Jonny, but it was either she did not realize it, or she wouldn't want to take it.' She then decided to let it go for now, thinking that Summer might still be feeling uneasy and was not yet able to sort her thoughts.

After dinner, Joyce asked Simon to drive her home. Summer and Jonny were left with each other.

The two of them were walking in silence, only a few paces apart. After a moment, Summer turned to Jonny and said, "Jonny, I'm alright. I can go home by myself. You should go home too." She forced a smile on her face and spoke as cheerfully as she could, hoping that Jonny wouldn't be able to see through her.

Jonny stopped walking and looked at Summer. Her smile did not deceive him at all. It was a smile he saw often, even when they were younger. It was the smile she wore whenever she wanted to convince him and Joyce that everything was alright. He felt a heaviness in his chest as he noticed the stiff curve of her lips and her lifeless eyes. "Let me drive you home, Summer. It's late now. The streets aren't safe for a girl to go home alone."

"It's really fine. I…"


Jonny had already opened the car door, waiting for her. "Just get in the car and stop arguing. I won't go until after I've seen you home," he said with a note of finality in his tone. He cocked his head at her, as if waiting for her to protest again.

Seeing that he had already made up his mind, Summer sighed and got into the car. Jonny sat beside her in the backseat as he had a driver with him.

In the car, Jonny was persistently checking his phone. After some minutes, as if he could no longer wait, he dialed a number, but only the robotic voice of the machine answered him.

Summer peeked at his phone.

Her heart almost leapt from her chest when she realized who he was trying to call. It was Winter. Thank god she had left her phone at home. Otherwise, Jonny would have found out that the woman he was trying to call was with him all along.

Truthfully, Summer did not know what to feel about her situation. A part of her was happy that Jonny was looking at her direction; but at the back of her mind, there were also the undeniable emotions of bitterness and jealousy. She was Summer, and she was Winter, too. She knew that the person Jonny wanted was not the real her. Winter was a persona that she had created for herself, and this was the one that Jonny fell in love with.

Overwhelemed by mixed feelings, Summer closed her eyes against the pain that gripped her heart. She was in the same car with the man that she had loved for so long, and yet it was as if Winter knew him better than her. 'He does

at you're saying these things out of concern for me. But after all these years, I finally meet someone whom I feel could be my match. I won't back down from this without trying, even if it doesn't last. I think that if I don't do this now, I'll just keep asking myself later and regret it. So I don't want to give up just yet,"

he said.

He knew what kind of person Winter was. What Summer said was true. She was willful, fickle, and went after what she wanted without second thought. The moment she felt like cutting off someone, she would do so with no hesitation. It was impossbile to predict what she was about to do next.

However, Jonny couldn't help but feel even more charmed by all these things. He wasn't able to prevent his own feelings from growing.

Summer's heart sank at Jonny's words. She was at a loss of what to say or do. She shrank back to her seat and fixed her gaze on the window the rest of the ride home.

The car came to a stop in front of her house.

She got off and bid goodbye to Jonny. "Well then, thank you for the ride. Good bye, Jonny. Be safe on your way home."

Jonny nodded at her and she closed the door. She lingered for a moment, watching the car leave before she went inside her house.

Jonny sat alone in the backseat, looking around and becoming more and more skeptical. He frowned his eyebrows.

Winter lived in this block too.

Jonny took out his phone and called Winter again. Still, no answer.

"President, are we going back to the Tulip Palace or the Water Palace?"

the driver asked.

"The Water Palace,"

Jonny replied.

He didn't know when Winter might visit him there.

Besides, Hiram and Rachel had gone back to their hometown, so there was no reason for him to go back to the Tulip Palace.

Jonny went back to his place.

The night passed, and sleep evaded Jonny. He was feeling restless as he sat in the living room. His eyes were fixed on his phone's screen. It was 12 o'clock midnight already, but no calls had come.

The silence was magnified by the peacefulness outside the palace. The wind was blowing through the trees, and Jonny thought of the telltale sound of Winter's motorcycle, as if willing it to come, along with her.

Some time later, Jonny stood up and walked to his bedroom after sitting and being surrounded in quietness for a long time.

However, when he was about to enter his room, he heard the sound of motorcycle, which was coming closer and closer.

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