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   Chapter 619 He Deserved It

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"Auntie, Summer is a reasonable girl. It is possible that Kelvin did something to her, something that would have provoked her to be violent."

Joyce came to Summer's defense.

"Kelvin, tell us! What did you do to her? Summer is not that kind of person who would beat you for no reason,"

Joyce asked Kelvin, whose head was wrapped in thick gauze.

Kelvin clumsily turned his head, trying to avoid her eyes. "How could I do anything to hurt her? We argued a little at first, but at some point she just snapped! It was like she became a different person, she started punching and kicking me!"

He trembled, as if remembering the moment when he was hit.

He hadn't expected a petite girl like Summer to be such a ferocious fighter.

"Joyce, I know Kelvin well. He would never do anything to hurt Summer. I guess Kelvin must have said something foolish that annoyed Summer, so they quarreled,"

Miranda said, looking at her son. After all, he was her flesh and blood, and she would trust him more than anyone else.

Her heart had stopped when she saw Kelvin beaten like this.

In her eyes, Summer had been a quiet and gentle girl.

"I don't think so, Auntie. I'll ask Summer later," Joyce promised.

Fannie hadn't been feeling well recently, so she had come back to visit her on behalf of her parents.

She knew Summer quite well. She was kind and comapssionate, and would rather be wronged herself than offend others.

So Kelvin must have done something to cross the line, and the one who punched him must have been Winter, not Summer.

Kelvin deserved it! Joyce couldn't help but secretly admire Winter.

Despite Miranda staunchly defending her son, Joyce suspected that Kelvin might not be entirely innocent. She remembered how his eyes had always followed any beautiful girls. He definitely had a dirty mind.

"Hi, Jonny! Are you back? Shall I pick you up at the airport?"

Joyce called Jonny and asked. She was a little surprised that he was back so soon.

"No, thank you! I have requested the driver to pick me up. I bought you a gift. You'll get it tonight," Jonny said over the phone.

"That's great! Thank

n the other side.

"Summer...I heard that something happened with Kelvin. Do you want to tell us about it?"

Joyce couldn't help asking as soon as they sat down.

What a shock it had been! It was unbelievable that Miranda's adopted daughter had assaulted her son!

Summer kept her eyes fixed on the milk tea in front of her. She sighed, trying to avoid Jonny's eyes.

"He kept on harrassing me, saying all these offensive things. At some point I just lost my mind. I picked up the nearest thing I could find on the table and I...I smashed it on his head.

I never thought...I had no idea it would hurt him so badly."

Hearing this, Joyce took her hand and asked, "Summer, when you said he was 'harassing' you, did you mean..."

They were all adults and could figure out what Summer had been implying. If this was the case, Kelvin deserved far more than a few stitches in the head.

Summer squeezed her eyes shut with her head bowed and nodded slowly.

As afraid as she was to reveal the truth, the idea of unburdening herself to Joyce gave her some feeling of relief.

"Damn it! That bastard!"

Joyce cursed, smashing her fist onto the table like a gavel.

"He deserved it! If I were you, I would have put him in the hospital too! But Auntie Miranda only cares about her son, she'll never listen to me!"

Summer sat in front of Jonny, head lowered. When she raised it, she found Jonny was looking at her.

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