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   Chapter 618 Her True Colors

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Nobody had told her the whole story before. She only knew that her mother had done something bad to Uncle Hiram. She had no idea what her mother had done at all.

"What did I say? I said that your shameless mother made Uncle Hiram become unconscious by using a drug. Also, she claimed that he forced her to have sex with him. However, the truth was that she stole his donated sperm from a hospital and made herself pregnant! She thought she could break Uncle Hiram's marriage and eventually marry him by doing this. Yet God is watching everyone, so she was punished with miscarriage!

When everybody knew the truth, your mother was thrown out of town, married a countryman and gave birth to you, who is also a shameless bitch! Now, you know about the whole story already! I hope everything's clear for you," Kelvin said.

Then he laughed at Summer loudly while dismissively looking at her.

Summer helplessly leaned against the wall and touched her chest. She felt suffocated upon hearing everything. She couldn't take what Kelvin just said about her and her mother.

"No, it did not happen. It's not real. It's impossible to be real. It's impossible!! It's impossible!" she shouted out aloud.

Summer slid down on the floor and felt hopeless. A pricking and sore sensation appeared in her eyes. The tears felt down. 'No! It's impossible!

How could my biological mother have not only killed my father but also done such evil thing?

No! It's not real! What he had told me is not real!' she thought as she was freaked out.

"Do you think I'm messing with you? Why should I fool you? How can I be capable of making up the whole thing which is so absurd and wonderful? Don't cheat yourself,"

Kelvin said as he was trying to strike her weak nerve.

Summer shook her head in a desperate way.

'It's really impossible to be true. I can't believe it. There must be a mistake.

Is this the reason why Jonny keeps walking away from me? Is it because I have such a shameless mother?

Does Uncle Hiram also dislike me because of what my mother has done to him?

Oh no!' Summer couldn't help her overwhelming thoughts.

She covered her head to ease her headache and shook it desperately. She couldn't believe what her mother had done. She was not willing to believe it. She didn't know how to accept the cruel reality!

Seeing that she got stuck in the sad and hopeless feelings by hearing what he said, Kelvin humphed and smiled. He crouched down, then all of a sudden he ripped her shirt, touched her and kissed her on her neck.

Summer fell into a dark world which had neither light nor hope. Her mind was completely empty and had no ability to basically think about other things.

'Why? Why did these things happen to me? I've been discriminated because my mother was f

e you forgotten that I've raised you up? !"

Miranda was disappointed and upset. She couldn't help but feel sorrow when she looked at her son who was lying on the sickbed with bad injuries on his head. Now, she changed her view on Summer and perceived her as an ungrateful person, who never regarded her family members as her family!

"Mom, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I really don't know what happened. Calm down first. Which hospital are you in? I will go there right away!" Summer said hurriedly.

She thought that she should visit him since she was his sister. After all, Miranda actually treated her well. Moreover, Kelvin was badly injured by Winter.

"Don't even bother! Kelvin said that he didn't want to see you at all. There is nothing more to talk with you. Bye!"

"Mom, mom...?"

Summer wanted to keep asking, but Miranda had already hung up. She sighed a long breath while still very confused about what had happened.

Then she took her phone and left a voice message to Winter.

"Winter, how could you do that? Even though Kelvin bullied me or us, you could have just given him a little punishment. It's not necessary for you to hit him so hard that he had to stay in the hospital!

I'm an adopted child who barely has a family. Now that you've injured Kelvin badly, how do you think I should go back to that family? How can I face my mom?"

After she finished her words, she hung up and put down her phone. Then, she rubbed her cheeks helplessly while she tried to think of ways to deal with Winter and the situation.

After what had happened, she was sure that it would be more difficult for her to live a life of ease.

The news about Kelvin's hospitalization had brought a lot of people to visit him. Other members of the Rong family had also visited him. Rumors circulated stating that what happened showed Summer's true colors.

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