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   Chapter 617 A Bastard That No One Wants

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Simon buried his face in Joyce's neck. He was enchanted just smelling her perfume. He said with a husky voice, "Joyce, I hate myself. I hated that I was drunk that night and I missed the most important event in my life. It was the first time for both of us."

Joyce glanced at Simon and said, "What do you mean? You missed it?"

Hearing that, Simon burst into laughter. He kissed her on her neck. "No, I feel that I got lucky because if I wasn't drunk that night, I would never have got the courage to get intimate with you. And I would have remained in the dark about your feelings for me."

"But I thought you forgot about it," Joyce said sarcastically.

Simon and Joyce stood in the quiet hallway.

Simon hugged Joyce from behind. He whispered in her ears, "I can feel it. Joyce, please give me a chance. I want to make it up to you. I want to show you how much I love you!

Are you free tomorrow? Let's go out together."

Joyce broke free from his hug and stepped forward. "No, I'm not free tomorrow.

I have plans to go visit my grandma."

Simon replied without hesitation, "Do you need a driver? I can drive you there. I might as well accompany you. After all, she is your grandmother.

It's settled then. When will you leave tomorrow?"

Simon didn't wait for Joyce's answer and made the decision for her.


On the other side, Summer had returned home and Miranda had filled the table with dishes in honour of her daughter's return.

"Kelvin, you are working in Streams Company too. Take care of Summer, please. She's your sister. Don't let others take advantage of her!"

Miranda reminded Kelvin.

Kelvin looked at Summer who was sitting right across him, quietly eating her dinner.

"Mom, you're overthinking this. Summer doesn't need my protection any more. She's in love with our cousin, Jonny. I don't think she even remembers that she has a brother."

"Hey, stop saying that! Summer grew up with Jonny and Joyce. They're very good friends. Of course, Jonny will take care of her. And no matter what you say, you should look after her. You are her brother!"

Miranda said reproachfully, then turned to Summer and said, "Summer, if you have any problems at work, just go ask your brother. We're family and he will help

inds out this."

She stepped back leaving Kelvin's hands to touch air. He smiled coldly. "I told you not to blackmail me using mom. Don't make me repeat myself. Tonight, there is only you and me at home. Nobody can stop me if I choose to do something to you!"

said Kelvin. He strode towards Summer, pulled her into his arms and was going to kiss her on the lips.

He had grabbed Summer's arms in a vice-like grip. Seeing his face come closer to her, she gathered all her strength and stomped his foot fiercely.

"Ow! Son of a bitch!"

Kelvin slapped Summer, hard.

"No wonder you're the daughter of that bitch! I bet you don't know just how shameless your mother was. And all the things she did in order to seduce Uncle Hiram."

Kelvin was so furious that he forgot that Miranda had reminded him not to mention what Shirley had done. He had lost his mind and he wanted to scare Summer.

"Your mom stole Uncle Hiram's sperm in an attempt to have his child. But she failed. And now you're seducing his son. You really are your mother's daughter, you bitch! What a perfect mother and daughter combo!

One seduced the father and the other has designs on his son. Please look into the mirror and see what you are! You're just a bastard that no one wants! Don't even think about marrying some rich guy and become the upper class!"

Summer's face was swollen as she was overcome with shock at his words. She buried her throbbing face in her hands and asked in disbelief, "What…What do you mean?"

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