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   Chapter 616 I Will Not Marry You

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Hearing his voice again after such a long time, Joyce suddenly felt revived. Her heart was suddenly filled with love and extreme happiness.

"Joyce! Hey Joyce, can you hear me? Are you still mad at me?"

Simon asked her over the phone with the feeling that Joyce was still displeased with him. He assumed that she was mad because he wasn't able to receive any response from the calls and messages.

"I just arrived this morning, but my mind was so preoccupied that I forgot to inform you. If you would fancy to see me, come to Chimo Restaurant tonight. I'll wait for you there. I'm not forcing you. It's okay if you don't want to come, but I'll be glad if you can come. I will be there..."

Hearing no reply from Joyce, Simon didn't hasten to hang up the phone. He just waited silently.

It would be rude if he hung up first, so he waited for her to end the call.

Joyce cut the call after being deafened by the dead silence. Her eyes were red and filled with tears.

"Joyce, are you all right?"

Summer asked Joyce gently after seeing the blank expression in her face. All the while Summer thought that love was so magical. Now she had come to a realization that even the most serene and unruffled woman could get confused and frustrated the moment she fell in love.

"Summer, what time is it?" Joyce asked Summer all of a sudden, cutting her somber thoughts. She couldn't wait to see Simon.

"Half past three," Summer replied. She noticed Joyce looked rather disappointed hearing her reply but tried desperately to hide the feelings.

Joyce heaved a sigh. It was still early, so she couldn't go now. Otherwise, he would assume that she was too eager to see him.

Then she was reminded that she was still mad at Simon.

Joyce stayed with Summer for a little longer while her mind was busy thinking about what dress to wear.

When they parted ways, Joyce changed into a new dress and put on light make-up. Nervous and excited at the same time, she made her way out and went directly to the restaurant.

The late afternoon turned into dusk when she left home. By the time she arrived at Chimo Restaurant, however, it was completely dark as if time had tickled faster.

Joyce was worried if she arrived too early, it would be awkward for her. But she saw Simon was already there, seated comfortably in the VIP Lounge of Chimo Restaurant.

Her heart skipped a bit.

Noticing someone familiar walking towards his direction, Simon fixed his gaze to the direction of the entrance and caught a glimpse of Joyce.

He stood up hastily and cracked a smile on his face to greet her.

"Joyce, over here"

Simon called out to Joyce with excitement. He went out of the lounge and walk

t to the hometown villa."

Getting responses from Joyce, Simon let out a bigger smile and followed her upstairs. He was beginning to get excited.

Joyce was planning to change into cozier shirt and pajamas. She wasn't expecting that Simon was following her into her bedroom.

She stood in front of the wardrobe cabinet and looked at him with her eyebrows raised. She seemed to be asking, 'What do you think you are doing?"

"Sorry, I didn't know you are going to change clothes. I'm going out now,"

Simon said when he realized what Joyce was about to do and stayed outside.

After a while, Joyce went out of her bedroom in her pink pajamas.

Her hair was tied up in a tight bun and her pretty face was completely revealed. Her black eyebrows and red lips were so attention-grabbing that Simon couldn't get his gaze off her face.


Simon walked towards her and grasped her hand. It was evident that she was still ignoring him. He took a well-wrapped box from his pocket.

"I have a special gift for you. Please take it and I hope you'll like it."

Joyce looked at the little box with a glittery ribbon on top. Her heart was hammering quickly. She was wondering what was inside, 'Could it be a ring?

I certainly don't want to be married so soon!'

Noticing the nervous expression on Joyce's face, Simon opened the box and took out the necklace. He pressed his chest against Joyce's back and put the necklace on her neck, "Relax, it's not a ring. I know you want to stay with your parents a little longer. I'll put you in a dilemma if I ask you to marry me now."

He positioned the necklace perfectly around her neck. Joyce gave it a gentle touch.

Simon slowly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer. They shared an embrace full of warmth and reassurance.

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