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   Chapter 615 Simon Returns

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Before she could stand up, Summer grabbed her hand.

"Calm down, Joyce! I don't want many people to know about this. Dual personality is a kind of mental disease. What would other people think of me if they find out that I may be psychotic?"

Joyce rubbed her hand and said, "Summer, don't worry. I'll keep it a secret. But I'll find the best doctor to treat you. Promise me that you'll cooperate with the doctor."

Summer nodded and responded, "Okay. I've already gone to the hospital several times. Doctor Hu is my attending doctor."

"Even so, I am still going to search for the best doctor for you. Summer, please don't worry. Let me do what I have to do. By the way, what kind of person is she? I mean Winter, the other you."

Joyce had made the decision to find the best doctor for Summer. It couldn't be delayed any longer.

"She works in a nightclub. She is rebellious and unrestrained. She likes riding a motorcycle and she..." Summer suddenly paused.

"Tell me. Come on!" cried Joyce.

"She is dating Jonny,"

Summer said, knowing she couldn't keep this to herself any longer.

Joyce suddenly burst out laughing.

She laughed herself to tears. Finally, she collected her wits and said incredulously, "Are you kidding me? Jonny is dating Winter?

No, that's impossible! You grew up with us. How ridiculous is that? That such a shrewd guy, like Jonny, couldn't even recognize you!"

"Joyce, I'm not kidding. Even I couldn't believe that I would dress and act that way!"

Summer wasn't defending Jonny. The truth was that the two personalities she possessed were polar opposites.

Besides, Winter was good at makeup, so it was believable that Jonny was unable to recognize her.

"Really? I'm curious to know about this. Stay here tonight. I'd like to know what kind of person she is."

Joyce couldn't wait to see Winter. She wond

She had visited Fannie last month. But since grandma was suffering from poor health, she should visit her more often.

While she planned to go back to XH Village, Joyce saw, through the window, a man and a woman standing beside a parked car on the side of the road.

They seemed to be discussing something. After a while, they got into the car and left together.

She felt her heart stop beating.

"Joyce? What's wrong?"

Summer sensed that Joyce looked uneasy. She turned outside to follow Joyce's gaze.

"Summer, I think I saw him."

Seeing the car leaving, Joyce's heart broke. She picked up her cell phone and dialled Simon's phone number with trembling fingers.

"Really? Are you sure you didn't mistake someone else for him? Are you saying that Simon has returned?"

Summer asked. She couldn't believe it. If Simon had come back, why hadn't he told Joyce?

Joyce listened to the beeping on the phone, holding her breath. Her heartbeat increased with every ringing.

She hadn't heard anything from Simon in a long time. Now that he had come back, why was he still hiding from her?

Thinking about this only worsened her confusion.

Just then, the phone got connected.

"Hello!" said the voice on the other end.

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